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Hubby and I are off up to the Lakes at the end of the week. We've rented a little place in Ambleside as our base. We'll be out walking pretty much all day every day and will self cater some evenings, but I know there will be a couple of nights where we cba, and could do with some suggestions for good pubs and/or places to eat. We both eat pretty much anything and everything, and I am rather partial to a good pint of ale. Or several.

I've had a look at various websites, but wondered if anyone on here has any recommendations, preferably for Ambeside, so we're within staggering distance of our abode?



  • Lucy's in Ambleside

    One of my favourite restraunts in the whole world

    Have a brill time Sossidge image

  • Bloody hell that was quick, TP - I'm drooling over the puddings already image thank you!
  • The helpings of pudding are enormous so make sure you leave plenty space image
  • Jennings Sneck Lifter..................
  • Now you're talking, Dave image
  • Had a glass of it myself last night..

    Ambleside is off my usual haunts (apart from a holiday at The Gables {opposite the tennis courts and putting green} when I was 5.......)

    Now if it was Keswick, Dog & Gun great food Keswick Brewing company beer Thirst Fall good, Thirst Ascent excellent,  Thirst Celebration (7.1%)  Falling down juice

    Bank Tavern Jennings beer and great steaks

    Pete Sidwells Simply Good Taste cafe great from breakfasts and sandwiches

  • Try the restaurant at the cinema Zeffirellis - in fact the cinema itself is well worth a visit if you need to rest your feet (or get in out of the rain image). Agree with Lucy's, but suggest you book.
  • Tower Bank Arms in Sawrey is very good,worth going to just see the collection of photos on the walls.
  • My nephew has just done a weeks work experience in Zeffirellis.
  • Cheers, chaps. RR - I quite fancy Zefirellis...we'll get up there on Friday evening, so an evening of live jazz might be just the ticket. Pizzas look good as well, I like the idea of a pizza called 'The Big One' image

    Dave, I must admit I'm looking forward to a few pints of an evening. Jaysus though, 7.1%...I'll remember not to drink that one before walking along Striding Edge! Reminds me of one I had at a village beer fest called 'Owd Roger', it was 13% and had the taste (and some of the texture) of Marmite.

  • We were drinking it at Christmas.. (Me pints OH half pint) after the second she said "Can you check the strength, I feel a little odd".. that's when I saw the 7.1% !
  • Lucy's on a Plate has a Tapas place too. In fact they have 4 or more sides to the business. Not bad.

    A nice cafe is Bilbo's above Lakes Climber. Nice cakes and hot chocolate all a lot cheaper than other cafes. Plus gear shop below is good for climbers (Lakes Climber) and Runners (Lakes Runner).

    Pubs are a bit crap in Aside though. Golden Rule is a little old mans / local's pub that does the best beer (serves it better than elsewhere IMHO) but it has its own character if you know what I mean. The Landlord is boss and will tell his customers off or to go to hell if they don't obey!! He is God in the Golden Rule. So don't mess with him. It hs not changed for generations neither.

    You need to get out of Aside for the best places though. Staveley's Eagle and Child is the business for beer and simple pub food. Also Wilfs in Stavely. Check out the Bike store next to it and Hawkeshead Brewery (with a corridor between it and WIlf's.

    Kendal has good pizzas in The Brewery as well as cinema and theatres.

    Zeff's does a meal and film deal for about £19. It is a veggie place though. Very good food so you won't miss the meat.

    Churchill's (black and white fronted pub on way out down south from Aside) does cheapish and simple pub food and is good too. TVs all over and a Friday karaoke too.

  • Dog and Gun Keswick? way too busy but good. Gone down hill a bit last year or so I thought.

    Check out Needlesport for outdoors gear if in Keswick pretty good shop.

    Aside has a climbing wall on the way out south. Adventure Peaks shop and up the stairs. Also a cafe is not too bad overlooking part of the climbing wall. Shop in there too and do organised treks as well inc up Everest!!!!

  • Dog & Gun was as good as always week last Friday

    and if it's busy it must mean something ? You been in The George recently ?  qed

  • Cheers for all the suggestions, and for kit as well, Lanky Lad - we'll definitely give Lucy's and Zeferellis a go...think we might give the Golden Rule a bit of a wide berth though, doesn't sound like a very relaxing place to go for a pint...!

    As long as I come back with a ton of Quiggin's Rum Butter, I'll be happy. My gran used to give it to me on toast as a kid, and I haven't had it since. Only found out recently they're still making it!

    Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    We were drinking it at Christmas.. (Me pints OH half pint) after the second she said "Can you check the strength, I feel a little odd".. that's when I saw the 7.1% !

    Dave, that reminds me of Withnail.... 'I feel a little peculiar'...

  • The Golden Rule is best for beer in Aside and isn't really that bad. Small for a pub but typical local Lakeland pub really. And the welcome is good so long as you don't piss the landlord off. Wet coats on seats can do that.

    Withnail and I was filmed in a property in the eastern fells BTW. It was sold a year or so ago to someone. Very run down now. Its somewhere towards Shap. I believe the older locals have stories relating to that film and the filming of it. Mostly involving pub visits I think.

  • Ran out of supplies of Sneck last night, Will have to be Crag Rat til I can get supplies !!!
  • I know, LL - I think I heard rumours that the building had been demolished a little while ago. I remember seeing pictures of it and it was covered with graffiti lines from the film!

    I've not tried Crag Rat Dave, any good?

  • Jennings Beers Lot lighter than Sneck, But still tasty
  • Lanky Lad wrote (see)

    Zeff's does a meal and film deal for about £19. It is a veggie place though. Very good food so you won't miss the meat.

    I'd been in twice before I even realised it's veggie. But then I'm not always that quick on the uptake! image
  • I'd been to Wilf's Café 3 times before I noticed it was veggie.. Granted I am usually trying to work out how to tell the OH how much I spent in Wheelbase
  • If you're going walking in the Langdale Pikes, or up Bowfell, I can highly reccomend the Hiker's Bar at the Old Dungeon ghyll hotel, or The Stickle Barn Tavern. Both are at Great LAngdale, about 7 miles west of Ambleside.
  • Ello Rickster - thanks for that, we are going walking round Langdale Pike, so that's good to know.

    Dave - I think I'm probably going to have to give most of Jenning's beers a trial when we're up there - it's only fair image

    Thanks so much for all the suggestions - looking forward to trying them out!

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