Brooks Trespass

I'm a big fan of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 4, but want something more trail-y too. I'm also an overpronator and need some stability. Which *ought* to make these ideal. Any views (particularly if you run in Brooks's road models)? Ta!


  • Hi Swerve

    Alex Wilson here from BROOKS UK. Sorry to see that you have not had any response to this message so although i may be a bit more biased, i hope that what i write may be of use.

    For the Winter period from BROOKS you will find three "trail/off road" shoes. The Addiction Trail, Trespass, and Alta. The Trespass will be the closest to the GTS, because the Addictions may offer you too much support, and the Alta, not enough. We introduced the Trespass last year and sales were good, with runners saying that the grip and stability of the shoe was excelent.

    However it all depends on the ground that you are running over i suppose and one advantage that the Addictions do have is that the platform being straighter lasted may offer you a better foot plant. However i would have thought that the Trespass was the better option. The grip is excelent.

    If you let me know where you live, i will direct you to a local stockest.

    Good running

  • Hi Alex

    Thanks a lot for the reply. It's looking like the Trespass for me then! I'm essentially into dirt paths, either with lots of ups and downs or not. I'm not keen on ploughing through miles of ankle-deep mud in February, but want something that'll grip and not get too waterlogged when I hit the odd sticky/slippy patch or water.

    I've rung my favourite shop (who do stock Trespass), and I'll be giving them a go. Though admittedly there's very little mud on their treadmill.

    Oh, and if you're looking for a runner to advertise your shoes, you know where to find me! I'm very cheap. ;-)

    Thanks again.

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