My Left Foot......

I last went for a run on Saturday, 3.8 miles in just over 38 minutes, not great speed compared to some of you, but this course has a big hill in it and this was my best time for doing it, so I was dead chuffed!

When I got up on Sunday though, my left foot was very sore and a bit puffy. I haven't run since, as I thought I would rest it and see what happened, but its still sore, though it is better than it was first thing Sunday.

The sore bit is the top of my foot, where my first three toes join the foot, and walking on it makes it ache more, though it doesn't feel 100% if I just sit still either.

I don't think I had my shoe too tight or anything daft, but I have been doing quite well with my running (well, stumbling and sweating) and don't really want to have to sit it out for too long.

Any ideas as to what I have done, what I should do?


  • Stumpy - sounds like a great session to me. As a first impression it seems as if your shoes may be flexing in the wrong place on your forefoot - there are usually some lines across the sole where the manufacturer plans this to happen.

    You could pop to you local running shop and try some alternative brands/models - perhaps while your foot is still a bit tender so you can tell if they help or not.

    In the short term you can use ibuprofen to get the inflammation down, but don't use it to train through the injury.
  • Cheers Glenn / Yoda, I'll pop out lunchtime and go and investigate shoes (what an opportunity - new shoes!!!) via the chemists!

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