Saturday 5th July

I don't know your face that well.....

What: 8M easy recovery run
Why: race director to The Rhino Race 10K & Bewl Water 15 tomorrow

Last hard: Thur
Last rest: 8 days ago

happy training


  • What: zip, zilch, no running at all

    1.I believe some of the top coaches recommend it.
    2. Pre-school coach trip to Scarborough
    3. 5k race tomorrow

    Last hard: (semi) yesterday.
    Last rest: Tuesday before last.

    Good luck to all racers this weekend.
  • Morning.

    What: Weights and some kind of cardio session, not sure what.

    Why: Thats what saturdays are for

    Last Hard: Yesterday

    Last Rest: Monday

    Good luck racing this weekend BR and BT, look forward to the Bewl report as it was one I wanted to run.
  • Good morning all,

    thanks for dog sympathy BR and advice Mike!

    Good luck all w/e racers, hope you all have great runs!

    What:19 miles
    Why:first serious long run of marathon training
    Last hard:Thurs
    Last rest:Wed
  • Good Mornin' and Good Luck all this week-end

    what: 6.4k easy
    last hard: wednesday
    last rest: thursady and friday :-(
  • Morning everbody

    today simple and slow 4 mile jog in prep for Bewl tomorrow.

    good luck to everybody racing today and tomorrow.
  • morning all, not been around for few days. hope you've all been well.

    what : probably 2 hr cycle ride up canal tow path.
    why : Pudsey 10k challenge tomorrow. Also back a little sore so don't want to run on it.
    last hard : weds
    last rest : Fri

    anyone else just about to start the RW marathon schedule for Dublin?
  • 3.7 miles
  • Morning, and good luck Barnsley, Tim and anyone else racing this weekend.

    I'll be off at my friends' place this weekend, which means I'll have to go with the flow. Best chance of a run might be tomorrow morning. Early. Eek!

    Have fun, you lot.
  • Morning all

    What: ca 14 miles here early (over already) as temperatures are getting over 100 in the midday

    Why: Weekly long run in build up to marathon in October

    Last rest: Yesterday

    Last hard: Wednesday

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Know the feeling with yapping little f**kers Hilly, I always find a sharp kickup the rascals backside helps. (thats the owners, not the dogs....:D).
    Although to be fair since I've started running off road more, I tend to find 95% of dog owners on the fields have impeccably trained dogs. Still wonder why people use the roads when we have perfectly good fields all around the village!?!
    Reasonable week of running , did the second Yateley 10k on Weds night, pleased to dip under 40 (39.38ish) for the second race in succesion, hopefully proving the first was no fluke.
    Easy run Thursday and yesterday ran 5*5mins fast (@10k pace) with 2min recovs at marathon pace = 6.5 miles in 45mins on the t/mill to run in new 2080s.
    Short easy session today ahead of Bewl 15 tomorrow.
    On the basis of recent long runs I should be around 1:46-48, but i don't know the terrain (although around a reservoir should be fairly flat).

    Enjoy the weekend friends , and happy running.
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    Trainers back on, 4 mile route, no real problems.

    You can have little idea how the relief to be able to run again after a week like last week. Maybe there's going to be a last run some time, but it wasn't last Tuesday's after all.

    Reminded again how essential running is to general mobility. I just don't know anything else that gets rid of the stiffness in the same way.

    R4L tomorrow. I'll rest up this pm, have had a taper worthy of a marathon, should be fun.

    BR - pre-school trip to Scarborough - now there's a brave man!
  • what: 100 mile cycle at 140 HR
    why: why not?

    last hard: yesterday... spin class then very fast 20 minutes on treadmill

    last rest: tue/wed was ill

    kind of tapering next week to save leggies for an ultra on saturday
  • Morning everyone. Was a beautiful start to the day here in London but now overcast.

    What: am 6.5 mile @ 10 mile pace done, pm 15 miles easy cycling.
    Why: scheduled
    Last hard: Yesterday
    Last rest: Tuesday
  • Hi!

    what: gym.

    Good luck to all racing.

    have a good weekend everyone!
  • jeepers andy, wot %whr is 140 for u?
  • its sub-lactate threshold roadrunner (at least it was... i haven't been tested for ages but i figure it can only have gone up since then and i'm still safe)

    i take lots of CoQ10 and E and C (with bioflavonoids) and L-carnitine and cytochrome c oxidase before i go out anyway to be on the safe side
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Hi spud

  • Why thats an impressive milage Andy Collier for a why not training session on the bike!

    What sort of time is that likley to take.

    Well the greatest event on earth takes place today, will Armstrong make it a 5th, I reckon so.
  • speedie its pretty flat round here i average just above 19 mph (per my trusty timex) over 60 or so miles at 140 hr then i tend to get a bit of HR drift so the speed drops to around 17 (if i'm being good and sticking to HR targets)

    that's using aero bars... without them i'm about 1mph slower
  • Stickless - Glad you're back running and I'm jealous!

    What: rest
    Why : Back strain

    Gym went well yesterday with no ill effects. I was looking enviously at the guys & gals on the treadmills but managed to resist the temptation. At least this injury is giving me a chance to work on some much neglected muscle groups. Ho hum!

    Good luck to all racing this w-e. Anyone doing the Mansfield 1/2M on Sunday? I was scheduled to.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    BR, have a good one tomorrow.

    Andy, even using aero's that's a good pace for a 100 miler. Didn't realise aero bars made that much of a difference on a training ride.

    To prevent Lance winning his 5th Tour something catastrophic would have to happen. He really doesn't have any competition. Doesn't make it any less entertaining though.

    Today's schedule:

    What: 20 easy miles ( 150 minutes time on feet run ).
    Why: part of marathon schedule
    Last hard day: Thursday
    Last rest: Last Saturday
  • Feels so good to run again after 2 stressful days of hospital visiting

    today ; - 3 miles slow, just warming up, hardly ran since last weekends mad relay

    tomorrow: race for life
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everybody.

    What - 90 minutes steady. Legs felt really heavy after yesterdays double training day which was intervals am and a fast 6 miles pm. Think I might go into town and buy tub of one of these protein drinks.
    Anyone got any experience of these?

    Aldi are doing cheap heart rate monitors from Thursdays - £15 - apparently they are quite good too. I'm getting one if I can - the running gear went quickly so don't tell everyone!!

    Not all Bull Terriers are horrible Barnsley - we've got 2 - not my choice originally - I did want a dog and Alison vetoed my choices as Staffords are a family tradition in ALison's family - but I reckon they are probably less aggressive than a lot of types of dogs (in fact ours aren't at all aggressive). Will probably get something better suited to running with next -maybe a collie - as it's me that ends up taking them out.

    Managed to break the QR Skewer on my mates turbo last night trying to tighten it - it was rusted up - meaning I still haven't managed to use it. WIll probably go for a bike ride later. Not enough hours in the day are there.

    Good luck all racers tomorrow - I expect good times or I'll set the dogs on you!
  • Back from my 19+ miles. Lovely cool day made the run much more enjoyable! Found the last 2 miles mentally tough, kept telling myself it wasn't hurting!! Not a bad time for my first run over 15 since London marathon- 2hrs 32min over an undulating course with a very steep hill in the last 2 miles.
  • Hilly - Which marathon are you training for?
    I've not given up hope of an Autumn marathon but injury needs to improve in the next week
  • Xerxes-marathon pb 3.26, hoping to improve that at Cardiff.

    Llama Man-Cardiff. Hope you get the injury sorted so you can do an Autumn marathon!
  • What treatment are you having for your back strain Llama Man?

    Is it an injury caused from running?
  • Afternoon. well this morning's bike ride has scuppered things somewhat. My back was a bit sore before and it felt fine on the bike. But a comedy fall (you know the type, couldn't get shoe cleats out of pedal at traffic lights!) has made it worse. Couldn't really feel it at the time but my back is really stiff at the moment. Just tried running on it and quite painful. Will take a couple of anti-inflammatories and see how it feels for tomorrows 10k.

    It wouldn't be so bad if it was a proper fall. This hasn't happened for ages. Don't you feel such a clown when it happens or does it only happen to me?

    As for Le Tour. Reckon Lance will win this one easier than any of the previous 4. Think David Millar could be top 10 though. Only wish Channel 4 still showed it.
  • Hilly,
    Back injury is caused by running on two legs of different lengthes and strengthes! I have a partial paralysis and a rather profound limp, it's a bit of a miracle I can run at all. Re treatment I've learnt over the years that a combination of rest from running and building up my stomach muscles to support my back in the gym works well. So the treatment is crunches in the gym, some carefully selected weights, EFX machine & stepper for cardio vascular & plenty of patience.

    Good luck with the training for Cardiff - when is it? I'm hoping to be fit enough to start training for Dublin and am still dreaming of a sub 4 (pb4.03)
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