Physio in Beckenham/Bromley/West Wickham/Croydon?

Help! Can anyone recommend a physio in Beckenham/Bromley/West Wickham/Croydon? Or failing that, in the Camden area? I've just had five weeks off with a 2nd metatarsal stress fracture. Went for a short run (walk 10 mins, run 5, walk 5, run 5, walk home, as recommended for restarting), on soft ground. Fracture area was fine BUT the foot started hurting along the outside of my foot (side, not underneath) and on the top of the foot further up than the metatarsals (nearer the ankle). I'd had this five-six weeks ago and been going to see someone but then the stress fracture (presumed) happened and... Really fed up.


  • Hi Debra

    I have just repled to your post on another thread. I went to Bromley Physio last Saturday and saw a lovely - and sympathetic - physio. She suspects, but can't confirm, that I have a stress fracture of the 5th metatarsal. She gave me a great deep tissue massage to relieve a very tight left calf muscle - it still hurts now! To make an appointment email 

    Good luck!

    P.S. As you seem to be from same area as me, which park did you walk/run in?

  • Hi Tricia, I'm in Elmers End and I ran in South Norwood Country Park - it's just five minutes walk for me, so I do most of my running there - I've mapped out circuits of various lengths, including two fields of 1/2 mile each so I can easily add 1/2 or 1 mile to runs simply by adding circuits of those fields. Where is Bromley Physio? Is it (after a quick Google) the one at 1A Sundridge Parade? I could cycle there, I suppose - at least I'd have nice warmed up muscles before any massage...
  • You could also try Metis in Croydon at the side of Mayday hospital.

    I went there years ago when I lived in Croydon as I had a ruptured tib post tendon.   They also have biomechanical people on site, the full works.  I used to be treated by a full team which meant that they all consulted etc on my treatment.   They also have a small gym in the basement which you can use for physio rehab.

  • Jeepers: Thanks for the suggestion; also within cycling distance. Their website is very swish-looking but doesn't actually give much information (the section under "Fees" merely talks about settling up with private insurance, which I don't have). Okay, called, spoke to a very pleasant receptionist who indicated the cost (£42.50) but then said no, they don't have anyone who specialises in feet or runners...
  • Hi Debra

    Yes it is the one in Sundridge Park - they charge £51 for an hour. 

  • Hi Tricia, well, it's better than Central London prices. And they're good with runners? I don't mind paying that sort of money for someone who knows what they're doing, but I don't want to find myself several sessions down and no progress (which is why I've been asking for recommendations). I want to RUN.
  • That's really disappointing.  I was referred there (OK, long time ago, 2004) by my GP.  I'd ruptured a tendon in my foot, classic symptoms, but quite complicated to diagnose and treat. 

    My GP sent me to them, they confirmed diagnosis, bound up foot and gave me crutches (instantly supposed to be non-weight bearing) organised MRI scan to confirm then referred me to brilliant surgeon who (amongst other things) looked after the feet of Darcey Bussell - so knew what he was doing!

    I had surgery and went back to them post-surgery for rehab, physio and orthotics.  They were, in those days, very impressive.  I wasn't running then, so don't know if they had any specialists, but I did have a sporting background, and so did they, across a number of sports, so they all had a vested interest in getting me back to health ASAP.

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