Cheshire Traithlon, May 22nd



  • Cake wrote (see)
     without sounding like some sort of nutter.
    But you are a complete nutter !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ok was for a street show at a festival 2 of us dressed up and dancing a daft style to some of Jason. It worked a treat! There are vidio’s out there somewhere but you will never find them thank god.image
  • Did you have the t shirts too?!!
  • No just plain white ones with fake blood on it. Like I said hard to explain. image
  • See mad, total nutter
  • image I like cheese image
  • Wensleydale ?
  • Fake blood? Maybe Jason D should've been bludgeoned in the 80's but this all sounds a bit weird.
  • It's a strange world that Cake inhabits.. But it's well padded
  • image Like I said hard to explain. Right to the train station! See you lot later.
  • You've got the wrong train if you see me later !!!
  • Given his performance on Saturday Dave, you better put the kettle on image
  • Oh Cruel.... (true but cruel)

    I still think he stopped for a fag on the bike leg

  • Train? Is Cake allowed more than one day release per month?!
  • Teehee

    It's a good job he can't drive It tends to restrict his activities......

  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭
    Cake wrote (see)
    image I like cheese image
    Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    Wensleydale ?

    Well to be precise I think its Wensleydale with chocolate.  That's what Cake was eating Saturday night anyway. image

    <runs away at all this talk of Outlaw>

  • I like cheese,but I don't like chocolate.. Does that make me very odd
  • Hard to drive with a straight jacket on! image

    You not a fan of Outlaw SD?
  • A little Dave, but each to their own.
  • Actually, how can you not like chocolate? Weirdo!!
  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭
    Al - I'm not as easy to convince about IM as you are!!!  But I am tempted with Outlaw next year if I can get my biking improved on(....and my swimming....and running).   But Dave will attest to my dreadful biking ability! image
  • *whispers* I'm unofficially thinking about Outlaw in 2012 too SD.

  • In for a penny in for a pound!! So there could be quite a few of us at Outlaw next year?!! image
  • I'm not doing anything longer than a sprint tri in the next year or so, and there is no way that you can persuade me otherwise.  I have too many other events to train for that I haven't got time to put in any bike training.

    Maybe in 2013 or 2014, but not before then.

    However, if there is a huge bunch of people going then I might be persuaded to support at Outlaw.

  • Back to Nantwich...

    My swim time was a bit slower than normal, my bike was about the same, and the run was slower.  So overall I didn't do particularly well.

    I got home and went straight to bed.  I'm still shattered.  I thinks its becasue of teh driving and wind rather than the triathlon.  It's surprising how much 24 hours fo fighting against wind can take it out of you.

    I had a great time though.  Thanks for the company and it was great to meet you Al.

  • So... someone tell me more about the Bristol Tri.  Hubby is going to be away that weekend so I might be able to pop along.  Is there any camping nearby, as it would be an early start for me to drive down on the day and I'd rather not pay out for a hotel.
  • Yeah good to meet you too Caz, you'll prob be seeing me again as I had a great time and am already planning this and next years Tri's. There's even been the odd mention of an Ironman image but I'm not committing to that just yet! Gonna see how the next few events go then maybe get Santa to bring me a Wetsuit and then who knows?!!
  • Yo just got an e-mail from the tri coaching people who do open water swimming at Nottingham where outlaw is held. I’ve forwarded on to a few folks already but if any wants the info message me with your e-mails and I’ve forward on the form.  

    "We are pleased to announce the ABSOLUTE COACHING AQUATHLON SERIES (swim 750 m, Run 4.86 km) 

    Absolute Coaching have organised a series of 4 evening Aquathlons at Holme Pierrepont on June 3rd, July 1st, Aug 5th and Sept 9th, these races are open to all, so please let your friends at your tri club know.  This is a great opportunity to have some fun, get some race practice or seriously compete as there are some great prizes up for grabs! Places are limited to just 100 participants per race, so please pre-register if you can.  Entry is just £12 per race or £40 for all 4. There is more information attached or please go to <a href="" title="blocked::"></a> I am also quite happy for you to contact me. 

    Kind regards Jayne Lloyd 0115 9607912 / 07795 342639Absolute Triathlon Coaching<a href="" title="blocked::"></a>  "

  • Cheers Cake, prob a bit too far me to travel but I have located an open water swim venue near me for when I get a wetsuit.

    Any tips on which one to get and what to look for when buying? I'll only be getting a budget one for now and will prob wait til the end of the season so I can get one cheaper, maybe an ex hire.

  • I’m not a expert on wetsuits I’m afraid first one I got was off a mate for £50 and the one I have now is a ex hire one, It’s a very good one and recon that’s the way to go. Best bet is go to your local tri club and see if they can sort you out. If they can’t I’m sure one of us can.

    *Frodo* wrote (see)
    *whispers* I'm unofficially thinking about Outlaw in 2012 too SD.

    image You have mail mmmuuuuaaaagggghhhhhh!!!!!!!

    SuperCaz wrote (see)
    So... someone tell me more about the Bristol Tri.  Hubby is going to be away that weekend so I might be able to pop along.  Is there any camping nearby, as it would be an early start for me to drive down on the day and I'd rather not pay out for a hotel.
    I don’t believe there is camping but might be wrong. I’ve e-mail parky and ask her to pop in in this thread in case she can help. I’m going for a laugh basically and will be mucking about. There is talk of a pirate relay isn’t there?  
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