My 1st , my last, my everyplod



  • i have to go out and run now, with that title
  • Lovely day here. Tired, and regretting that 2nd glass of wine - excited KidB up early in party mode (let's hope the Nutty Professor is all he's cracked up to be).
    Foot STILL sore on side of heel, so body conditioning class for me, even tho' would rather be down on the towpath in my trusty Asics. Happy plodding, hum a B White tune as you go ...
  • Easy,

    Its a bit overcast here this morning but the foot is now nearly better. I can hardly feel a twinge as i walk but this is where i may fall into temptation. I would love to get out and do a couple of miles today but i probably shouldn't. I will try my best to wait until tomorrow.

    Its exciting stuff either way.

    hope the party goes ok FLR and your foot gets better promptly.

    Have a great day everyone, and good luck to everyone racing this weekend...

  • well, i did 3.7 miles
    but barry doesnt go with plodding
    kept giggling when i tried to sing along
  • Was getting up early to long plod but cider abd Nytol put paid to that. Still more sleep than usual. Like the title FLR, take it easy on injuries both you and Alf. Well done PH. Off to Habitat first ti pick up stuff then Will be plodding Richmond Park. need to do 6 miles in 68 mins so will go for 34 then turn round therebye avoiding worst hill and have the excitment of trying a negative split. Life dont come no better!!!!!
  • Morning all.

    It is a bit cloudy here, doesn't feel too warm at the mo. Just waiting for brekkie to digest and then off out for a quick plod through the fields and farms and then back through the woods.

    Glad to hear injury is recovering Alf.

    Chris - have a good shop and run.

    Right, I'm going to remove pajamas and change into plodding gear....

    Have a fab day everyone!
  • hmm

    body conditioning was a bit close to a nifty fifties, but legs did ache by the end so presumably have done some good, and teacher was red hot on technique

    quite nice to go to an exercise class and feel a bit young and brash, but definitely no endorphin rush there

    went to X train afterwards, but couldn't get on preferred machines, and done so much X train recently got fed up and went home.

    Maybe a bike ride tomorrow if I can fit it in between family stuff
  • Young and Brash? I can't begin to imagine what that feels like! :)

  • you'll have to learn a little frivolity with age then, young Tupper.

    Expecting to feel very old after an afternoon of 5 year olds ...
  • Uh-oh. Completed plod as required, and then walked into town to get a few bits and bobs.

    Bumped into someone from my running club, who (after saying that I had just done one of our normal Sunday routes) started saying to me "oh well it's a good idea to do that, because it is difficult to get speed up on Sunday runs because of waiting for the slow people isn't it. But it is quite social"...

    I'm not too sure if he realised that I, in fact, constitute that description of "slow people" (i.e. I am always at the back!!!). I feel bad now. Don't want anyone to wait for me anyway......moan groan....
  • thats THEIR problem, smitch, not yours
    and you are hardly slow at 8 min miles
  • no Hipps, not 8 min miles, blimey, that's a bit fast. More just over 9ish at the mo.

    I know, I don't mind if they go on ahead, would hate to feel I was holding anyone back.

    How's the move going?
  • in carrier bags

    hee hee
  • Finally got out. 34mins one way 33 back so splitted negatively! Heel aches most of the time so going to ice and oily bath it and talk to it nicely. Smitch, 9min miles is right quick you'd be at the front of my plodding club on the plodding day.
  • Hi Chris, gosh, a negative split sounds very professional!!
    I am trying not to let the member of my group's comments effect me too much. I only can do 9min miles on races with the wind in the right direction (and down hill)
  • oops I think that should be 'affect'. Must be tired
  • FLR hope party went ok

    Smitch just over 9ish min miles is a good pace, and s*d it if you hold them up, they will just have to keep running back & forth!! Keep it up you are doing really well

    Alf glad foot is on mend

    Hippo, do you need anymore carrier bags....

    RFL tomorrow, so maybe first race I won't be last....but there again...

  • good luck bodjit
  • Thanks, a friend is doing it with her mother & they are walking so hopefully......

  • Good luck Bodjit, you will be fine don't worry. Thanks for words of encouragement too.
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