Grrrrrrr my kit got stolen

So annoyed.  Had a drink after work last night and left a bag with my running kit on the floor next to where we were standing at the bar.  Went to the toilet and that was it- gone.  Noone noticed anything.  I had my garmin in there with all my runs which were not transferred onto the laptop, headphones, shuffle, favourite bum bag and so many other things.  So so angry.  Lots of dirty sweaty clothes as well so hope they enjoy them!imageIt's my last three weeks of training before the marathon.... bastards! Should've been more careful but it happened so quickly...image


  • bad luck.... image
  • Thats just crap......image
  • Maybe they just opened the bag and saw the sweaty clothes and dumped them.

    You may be lucky and find them in a bin close by, bad luck on the timing though.

  • That's what I was thinking...My car got broken into and all my kit was taken when they realised there was no money in the bag  it was dumped and found locally...I got all my stuff back..

  • It's the garmin I'm most upset about... Will have to get a new one I guess before the marathon but I've lost all my runs...
  • Who steals a gym bag anyway?  What do they expect to find inside?

    I've left my phone no with the guys in the pub but I doubt it's going to turn up...

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Same here, had my swim bag stolen, it was found in a hedge nearby but they'd taken my engagement ring and purse.

    Hope you get your stuff back.

  • Thieving bas###ds. Hope they get what is coming to them.
  • Have they got cctv at the pub?

     most do these days.

  • Cinders- engagement ring... ouch!  That's really badimage.

    Grumlethegoat- no cctv, I did ask.

    Anyway, it's done now.  Will just have to try to replace what I can before the marathon...

  • Hey sorry to hear your kit got stolen! If you're from the London area, you may borrow my garmin for your marathon if you can't afford to buy one again just yet....but if you're running the London Marathon then I can't help image x
  • Onlysevenmore... thank you so much for the offer!  I think I should be able to replace it before the marathon, so should be ok... I'm doing Madrid which is on the same day as London.
  • d2d - wow!!! You are so unsympathetic.
  • D2D- I will be definitely totally paranoid from now on...believe me!
  • Mon - do you have home insurance you could claim on for replacements? It won't get your run data back but it might mean not having to shell out too much.

    Also, I picked up a 205 for my B-i-L for under £90 on Amazon last month.

    Anyway, what a horrible thing to have happened. xx

  • Good Luck in Madrid xx
  • AllNewTB- no, I checked.  I do have contents insurance but it's a standard one which only covers stuff stolen from your house/ garage/ shed... not a pub I'm afraid.  I've seen 305 on Amazon for £107, will probably end up forking out...

    Onlyseven...- thank you!  Good luck with London!x

  • I'm sorry, some people are nasty. Good luck for Madrid though, sounds pretty exciting!
  • I really sympathise with you...exactly the same thing happened to me about a year ago. It also had my Garmin, mobile, running kit etc and I was absolutely gutted for ages. Scoured the area the next morning but didn't find anything. Later found out it had happened to other people at my running club in the same pub. Had to keep thinking that at the end of the day, its only possessions (no matter how valuable) that can be replaced. Tough lesson to learn but I am paranoid about leaving my bag closed and keeping it on me now.
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