should I, can I . will I , won't I

Should I,image Can I,image Will I image, Won't Iimage

Last year I wanted to run the Connemara Ultra marathon as my first ultra, but left it to late to enter, so I entered the Wye Valley 30 then the Isle of Wight two day event 70 miles I enjoyed both of these events . I entered this year for the Connemara Ultra which is 39.9 miles but two weeks ago I fell down stairs and hurt my tailbone coccyx so for two weeks I have not run but have managed to do 3 swims of around an hour yesterday i ran a very slow 4 mile which yes i could feel a niggle but hopefully i have two more weeks of complete rest, so really for a month I have not done much, my training before hand had been going so so well.  I really really want to run this event just to get round now and enjoy the fantastic views and the run should I, can I will I , won't I.

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