Bells Palsy?

Have spent stressful 2 days with my sister in hospital who after tests for allsorts has been diagnosed with bells palsy

To cut long story short neurologist has suggested a 50/50 chance of recovery in time for her wedding in 6 weeks time. Does anyone know anyone who has suffered/ what was recovery like/ and is there anything else she can do to aid recovery process??

I feel so sorry for her, obviously v relieved that the problem isn't clinically more serious - tests were for minor stroke / clotting etc, but she has been planning this wedding so excitedly after a traumatic first pregnancy ; and I so want everything to be right for her on the day


  • Poor girl. Our parish priest developed it the week before Christmas year before last. The tone in his face slowly improved over 6mths but he has been left with a permanent weakness in r face. Not the news you want but there had been no improvement at all within 6 weeks so she needs to come to terms with the possibility of that or postpone the wedding. I believe steroids can be helpful
  • mmmm, I know we must be realistic but I think hers is quite a minor case, only noticable when she expresses herself really i.e. laughing, crying etc. How bad was the priests case?
  • hello
    if your sister has an oncomplete bells palsy, as it sounds like she has, then she can expect a 94 % chance of complete recovery, there should be a significant improvement by 3 weeks
    Did they give her steroids or aciclovir/
    Did she have other tests?
    E mail if you want
  • Benz - great - will find out prescription and mail you

    Re tests she had lumber puncture, MRI scan and CT scan + all sorts of blood tests (results not back yet) and a chest x-ray

    Will get back tomorrow off to swimming club championships with small HRs now!
  • good
    A proper set of tests
  • Priest's case was severe complete paralysis of one side of face making speech v difficult& with affected eye shut because of paralysed eyelid. Your sister's sounds much more optimistic. I think stress makes it worse so if she can relax about it might hasten recovery
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