Sheactive Every Womans Duathlon 15K

Was thinking of giving this ago, as I have been looking at having ago at duathlons and wonder if this might be a good one to start with.

Is there any more information about this event? How easy is the transition point?


  • I've downloaded the info from the site, but I don't think we'll know till we get there.... I've signed up to do my first duathlon at this event, maybe see you there.
  • Hi,

    The Sheactive Every Woman's Duathlon is a great place to begin breaking into the world of multi sport!Encouraging women of all shapes and sizes, fitness levels and ages to enter a fun and exhilarating event to test their personal fitness progression in a supporting and non intimidating, all women environment.

    Transition is really simple with plenty of space to organise your gear. There is no hussle and bussle as everyone is pretty spread out by transition.

    Give it a go.....beautiful locations too!!
  • What happened to these events?  Did Cool Breeze go out of business?

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