cleaning advice required

I ran a craoss country race in the week. During the day we had had torrential rain and as a result the course was VERY muddy. My running shoes were covered. What is the best way to clean /dry my shoes and prevent them from 'smelling' once dried out?


  • Few I thought we were talking housework for a minute!

    Was going to post...

  • Wait till they're dry and go over them with a scrubbing brush.

    Wouldnt bother trying to get them to smell sweet. Only way you'll really do that is in a washing machine and as Maggie S says


    Might be worth buying a pair specifically for off-road/trail. They tend to be slightly cheaper than road shoes and it means you cane keep your road shoes cleaner for longer.
  • You are talking about your running shoes there aren't you Xerxes?

  • I just wait for mud to dry than use nail brush

    Or not bother cleaning them :o)
  • If I'm being honest, I wait till half an hour before my next race and retrieve them from the Tesco bag they've been in ever since the last race, then bang them together for a few minutes.

    Lets face it, if the soles are only going to last 400-500 miles seems pointless ensuring the rest of it's pristine.

    Mind you, I go mad with the kids when they do the same! I'm a baaad parent!
  • Less than 400 if your a big lad

    I like a good bang as well

    easyer than rubbing
  • Glad I'm not the only one who employs the banging them together technic!
  • LOL
  • Hey, dont knock it till you've tried it

    To stop them stinking the house out put a tumble drier sheet (like Bounce) in each, remember to remove before next run....

    I know you shouldn't, but I put my off road in the washing machine, ankle deep in pig s**t in an event last year, it was the only option.
  • If my shoes are wet through to anyway I stick them under the tap and scrub them with a vegetable scrubbing brush from Ikea bought for this purpose, stuff them with newspaper and leave to dry- of course it takes a few days so I would have more than one pair.
  • I leave mud on, stuff paper inside & bang mud off when dry. At least that's the plan occ get left in plastic bag for 2 days. Not nice!
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