TRI & RUN Have Ceased trading


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 I decided to hire a triathlon westuit from TRI & RUN ( and I called them to get an update.

All I got was an answering service saying that they have terminated trading and gone into liquidation.

So dont buy anything from them as you probably wont get it, Fingers crossed it get my wesuit.. but I doubt it! 

image money lost!


  • I take it you bought on a debit card not a credit card.............thats tough Martsimage
  • seren nos wrote (see)
    I take it you bought on a debit card not a credit card.............thats tough Martsimage
    Yep School boy error image
  • We buy all the time on the debit card..............but for large amounts we try and remember the credit card after being close to losing a £1000 a few years ago when Uno went bust............

    Hopefully the liquidators will honour the wetsuit if they have any of them in stock............

  • There should a be a law to switch off their websiteimage.
  • Dustboy wrote (see)
    There should a be a law to switch off their websiteimage.
    VERY TRUE!!!!
  • Hi all,

    I work for Human Race and we were working with Tri and Run on the wetsuit hire. Essentially they would take the orders online and we'd fulfil the hire or purchase, getting the suits direct from Speedo.

    Just wanted to let you know that if you have hired our purchased a wetsuit then you will still get it from us. We aren't affected in any way by Tri and Run's situation and nor will your wetsuit hir/purchase.

    In fact we took delivery of the first batch of wetsuits to our office yesterday and are sending them all out this week so please don't worry!

    Hope this appeases any concerns you might have, if you want to double check anything please do check us out online at or you can give us a call on 020 8399 3579.


  • Good to know Louis - thanks for posting.

    Does this mean you are still taking new orders through your website or are you just going to fulfil all those already ordered and then close the system?

  • We're still most definitely taking orders. The only reason I didn't mention that in my original post is I know its poor form to sell/plug on a forum. I'm often on Tritalk and they'd kill me for plugging!

    Since you ask though, yes we're completely unaffected. The wetsuits come direct to our office from Speedo (they are our merchandising partner for tri and our headline sponsor for our Open Water Swim Series) and we send them on. There's a team busy packaging them up as I write!

    We simply let Tri and Run hire the suits through their site as they are/were retail partner for a number of our events and it made sense. It was always going to be us doing the logistics behind it.

     Hope that helps!

  • Great news! Thank you for posting and thanks for the call yesterday! image
  • thats great news for you  and any others out there.................don't know why as I'm not personally involved but that has brightened up my dayimage
  • Wow. Fair play to John Lunt and Humanrace peeps. Nice to know the Olympics in the hands of the pro's!

    This is fab news. 

  • Hi anyone still waiting to hera from TRIANDRUN . I spoke with the liquidators who informed me that TRIANDRUN would be in contact with all customers regarding their orders .

    I myself had a bike being repaired by them in their wimbledon branch when they went into liquidation and was waiting for the remainder of the tri starter pack since the beginning of feb

    Is anyone in a similar situation ?

  • Hi Dan,

    Unfortunately I spoke to them to, and gave my order number etc. They said they would pass on my details and contact me... I think its a waiting game for you image

    Hope it works out for you!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    I've been waiting a month now with no contact whatsoever from triandrun. I also spoke with the receivers and they promised the same thing to me (they'd pass on my details & get triandrun to contact me etc.) It's been a couple of weeks now and still nothing.

    Luckily I only ordered some salt tabs so I only spent around a tenner. However, that's not the point - if they can't deliver then they shouldn't be trading.
  • marts2smooth wrote (see)
    Dustboy wrote (see)
    There should a be a law to switch off their websiteimage.
    VERY TRUE!!!!
    I work in the hosting injustry and the fact is that the website is kept online as it remains an asset of the company while the recievers sort out the debt. Websites these days with brand awareness are valuable to sell on.
    Taking the website offline will without doubt devalue the branding and possibility of selling it on.

    From a hosting providers prospective, as long as the bill is paid for the server and it does not break any laws (triandrun are hosted in the USA as such are subject to USA Laws with regards to hosting) then the website will continue to run. I have even seen recievers continue to pay bills while sorting out the company debt to ensure the website remains online.

    Not for a moment suggesting its fair, just explaining the situation.
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