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I know there are quite a few threads on bike insurance, but none of them really answered the questions I needed.  I'm hoping you can shed some light...

Basically I have 3 bikes... a MTB, a TT bike for training and another TT for racing.  I assume I obviously need insurance for all 3 against theft etc (I only rent property so have tenants insurance, could I get on that?) but when I go out on the bikes they would never leave my site (except my racer in transition).   But I'm most concerned about having cover if I fall off and damage my bikes.  Do most cover you for this?  Would they cover my bike if I fell off in a race?

I understand being a member of BTF covers for personal liability so i will being joining that also.

Sorry for my stupid questions, but I don't want to get insurance, and then find out (inevitably when its too late) that I'm not covered.


  • The cheapest way to insure them is on your house contents insurance.  A good policy will cover them for accidental damage and may also give you personal liability insurance.  I normally recommend M&S or Greenbee but they probably won't cover you if you're renting.  Have you tried Endsleigh?
  • I'm with Endsleigh for my tenants insurance.  I spoke to them but they would only covers bikes up to £1k.  I asked if they would specifically cover bikes over this amount but they won't!  I would have to take out seperate bike insurance for those. 

     So unfortunately, taking out being able to cover my bikes under contents insurance, do we know who provides best cover/best prices?

  • Halifax cover my bikes on the household contents, The saleswoman didn;t even flinch when I told her the value
  • The three companies to look at are Cycleguard, E&L Insurance and ETA.  I think ETA's policy is slightly less restrictive (it doesn't require you to lock the bike if it's in the house and doesn't specify certain locks on the doors) but they all require an approved lock if you're outside your house.

  • E&L is the one you are looking for, they will cover you while racing and training.
  • As part of my job I sell contents insurance. I think if you check the smal print most mainstream home insurance policies wil NOT cover accidental damage for any sporting goods that are damaged whilst being used for their intended purpose, even specified bikes. I am not however saying that I know every policy,

    I have not heard of E&L so I will check out that myself as ts could be very useful

  • E&L = Entertainment and Leisure.
  • Thanks everyone, really great help!!  I have checked out E&L and they look like exactly what I want, so looks like I will be getting it through them.

    Thank you so much, once again the pirates know best image

  • I'm with E&L and although I've not had cause to use them, they give me piece of mind.
  • There is a triathlonguard as well

    Linky thing

    Which covers the bike unlocked in Transition as well. It is cycle guard but with one extra benefit.

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