Torn rotator cuff

In the midst of marathon training 8 weeks ago, I went ice skating and fell over onto an outstretched arm.
I was taken to hospital where I was examined and x-rayed and sent home after being told it was just bruising and to carry on as normal which was difficult as I am right handed.

I attempted to do this despite being in severe pain and was back running after a few days. The pain was just about bearable but I had no strength to maintain faster paces or for hills. I attended physio from the outset but after a month, he was concerned about my limited range of movement and continued pain. I was only able to sleep for an hour or so at night before being waking up with the pain.

6 weeks after the injury, I went back to hospital and after another x-ray, I was told that I had actually fractured the humerous head. The fracture was mending well so I also had an ultrasound scan to try and determine the reason for my continuing problems.

The scan has revealed a small tear in one of the rotator cuff tendons. I have been told to continue physio for another 3 months. I still have pain at night and whilst running and struggle with many daily activities. I have been unable to progress beyond the simplest physio exercises due to pain. I have been told to dose up on painkillers to get through the physio but I don't like the spaced out feeling of the only ones that are strong enough to work.

Has anyone else had this problem and did physio sort it out.? How long did recovery take? Can I do anything to speed up the process?


  • It is sloooooow, unless it is very bad physio will sort it but it does take time, and a long time before lifting your arm above shoulder height stops hurting.
  • I can now lift my arm above shoulder height after injuring my rotator cuff last October.  Still have pain at night and whilst running though - just keeping on with the exercises has helped reduce the pain, but it's agony after a long run.

    It's definitely a slow process

  •  I did the same playing rugby and missed a few months. Would recommend seeing a physio to get some stretches and exercises to help. I cant remember what they were having had so many different injuries playing rugby!!
  • I suffered a rotator cuff injury (RC tendonitis) in 2003. It still gives me trouble, but not enough to stop me doing anything any more.

    I was in pain for about 6 months, still in rather brutal physio. These days I get a sharp ache whenever I stretch it out.
  • Looks like I shall have to be patient, then!

    I have been having physio throughout and it is very painful.
  • YepI did a simular thing last may and I was going to do an Ironman last summer bt that put paid to that.image I have only just started swimming again after 10 month. Its a long healing process, it still twinges abit when I swim and aches for a while after.image
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