Staying in a hostel before a race

I'm trying to sort out a bed for Edinburgh HM in May and want to keep it cheap. Should I risk staying in a hostel with 6-12 other beds?!

I'll be staying on my own as my friends are booked into the Holiday Inn or uni halls.

So, will I be able to get any sleep? Or will I be kept up all night by kids on gaps yrs playing drinking games?

Anyone have experience or tips?


  • Personally I wouldn't risk it. Last time I stayed in a Hostal was in Stockholm at a conference. Whilst the hostal was actually pretty quiet with no loud drinking games, it was still difficult to sleep in an 8 bed dorm. There was the guy who snored loudly. The two girls who snuck in very quietly at 2 am and then spent ages rustling their stuff trying to get it sorted to go to bed and people going in and out to use the loo. None were that bad on their own but cumulatively it equalled a bad nights sleep. But then I'm a pretty light sleeper and will wake if someone is up in the room with me.
  • Dont think it matters that much, Get a good nights sleep on the Friday - thats the important one.

    When I race Ironman I barely sleep a wink the Saturday night and its always a silly getting up time.

  • Oops, too late!

    I've just booked 2 nights at a backpackers place. It's a quad room and only one other bed has been taken so far. I'm hoping the other person is also a runner and we sleep and get up at roughly the same time.
  • That was excellent patience though LP - you waited a whole 25 minutes for a response image As cougie says i wouldn't worry too much about the night before, just make sure you get lots of rest leading up to it and you'll be fine/

  • I camped the nights before and after Edinburgh when I did it and was kept awake by owls.

    Was a bit stiff the morning of the race and pretty sore the morning after, but it was cheap and easy.

    You'll be fine.

  • I stayed at a lively hostel in Prague the night before the marathon last year. On the two nights prior to the race I paid a slight bit extra with my friend to stay in a room with just 2 single beds in. It was definitely worth it and I am sure it would be possible to do the same if you booked early enough.
  • Don't forget to invest 50p in a pair of ear plugs.
  • Why not ask the hostel to put any other runners who book in the same room, that way you will all be in the same boat (and room).
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