WOO HOO!!, Not long now!

Whew... only been out of action a week and I feel like I'm getting fat, frustrated and bored. Serves me right for overdoing it and pulling a muscle... at least it wasn't shin splints in the end...

Leg's finally on the mend and I'm giving it four days tops before I reckon I can get out running again...

How do YOU lot cope being out of action?

Any excercises help?

At least I will be getting out again soon...


  • bill take up tri - when you cant run you can always spin or cycle

    and when you complete your first ironman you can get a cool tattoo on your ankle lol
  • reudian - SWIM or cycle
  • god my typing skills... FREUDIAN
  • Ha ha... got there in the end eh?

    I think I might just do that... altho my swimming aint the BEST in the world (I tend to swim DOWN... if you know what I mean!)

    Been thinking about buying a bike y'know...quite like them
  • go for it!
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