Long Eaton 50 mile race, Sat June 11th

 Long Eaton Running club is holding a 50 mile ultra on Saturday 11th June, start and finish in Breaston near Long Eaton, Derbyshire.

The start is between 6am and 8am, with the last finish by 9pm. Entry fee is £15/£17 and includes a souvenier mug. Food will be provided at the last 3 checkpoints with soup and a roll at the end.

Full details can be found at    http://www.longeatonrunningclub.com/races/50mile.php

 the route map is   http://www.fetcheveryone.com/route-395780

if you have any questions either pm me or leave a message on this thread.



  • looking forward to it
  • Sent my entry off today, I think I'm gonna go for the 6am start just in case it's a hot day. Have you had many entries?
  • at the moment i have received 3 entries, but there are at least a dozen more confirmed entries who are waiting before entering in case of injuries etc or just being tardy.
  • This certainly looks like an interesting event. 

    For me it might be a bit too close for comfort, to Comrades on the one hand, and the UR 100 on the other. 

  • It would make a good warm-down to one and a warm-up to the other
  • You are a bad influence!
  • Thank you Ben, i try to be.
  • What is the course profile like for this event?
  • no idea what time I will start, def doing if not injured.  Wont enter til I know that I am not going to be injured as keep wasting money and having to pull out which is really fustrating. 
  • Ben, if you click on http://www.longeatonrunningclub.com/races/files/50_stage_maps.pdf  you willl get the maps for each stage - if you look just above the map you will see that there is an elevation profile tab.

    the steepest hill is coming out of Duffield at the start of Stage 5. it is a bridle path but i wouldn't like to meet a horse coming down it. i struggled walking it.

    i think we worked it out as about 2500 feet altogether,virtually  flat for the first 20 miles  then undulating for the rest. gives you an excuse to walk the odd bit.

  • we are still taking entrants for this, also the 50 mile 6-stage relay over the same course starting at 9.00
  • I'm doing the GUCR two weeks before. I'd love to have a go since its on my doorstep but I won't be sure what state my legs are goping to be in (and whether i'll be allowed out again that soon) until the end of the month.

    Will it be too late to enter at the beginning of June?


  • if you send me an entry form then i will provisionally enter you so that you are on the lists for the check points. if you want to take it up let me know and pay on the day, and if not again let me know asap and i will inform the checkpoints that you are a withdrawal.

    happy birthday!

  • Thanks - i'll do that.

    Not my burthday though till about 4 days after the LE50 ... hope I make it!

  • sorry, wrong Hippo!  It's Plodding Hippo's birthday today and i didn't read carefully.
  • yes, different H1ppo ... same plod
  • Its a jungle out there !

    Ran part of the course yesterday (stage 3 from littleover to kirk langley) and got lost a few times even with the course downloaded to my garmin !

    Some of the course is really overgrown now in fact one stile is completely covered with hedge ! a couple of fields where the course goes straight across also have 3 foot high crops in them so had to go round (through the nettles - ouch !)

    Was good fun though but I can see a few folk getting lost on this stretch !

    Oh and about 30 baby cows thought it would be fun to run along with me for a while too image

    Still, beats running on the boring road ! 

  • Duncan, i am redoing that stretch on monday and will try to find a good solution. we may well routemark it and if necessary do some gardening. unfortunately we recced it in january and apart from the odd broken stile it wasn't too bad. Obviously it has changed a lot. i will also photograph any dogey parts so that people can be prewarned. i'll take my secateurs.

    Glad you 've got a good sense of humour about this but i promise that it will be sorted

  • We have some problems with overgrown paths, broken stiles and crop planting on parts of stage 3. people are advised not to recce this for the next three days until i have done a check on monday and rewritten the instructions with the possibility of a slight reroute.
  • No probs, we can always eat the crops when we get a bit peckish image maybe you could find an alternative route through some strawberry fields....
  • sorry duncan, it's mainly grass and rape - not the best snack. it actually wasn't as bad as i imagined, although there are a couple of interesting parts. I've put some photographs on facebook at <a href="http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150175482255925.301120.672485924&l=fa551f0ea7" title="http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150175482255925.301120.672485924&l=fa551f0ea7">http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150175482255925.301120.672485924&l=fa551f0ea7</a>;

    the intreresting bits are the track north from Woodhouse Farm (pic 0524) and the stile to come off it (pic 0527 honestly and 0528) and one wheat field has no path but you can run the tractor marks easily to get around it ( photos 0511, 14,15,17)

  • have to put the link up from home, facebook blocked at work.
  • Hi Chrisity,

    will the event be on next year?! Sadly I'm already running on june 11th this year but I've been looking for 50 milers and there aren't many around my way.



  • not sure at this point, we need to see how it goes and what the response from those helping out is.

    i would like to say yes but at the moment we have 10 entrants for the 50 and 1 relay team - although this should pick up in the next couple of weeks.

  • Hi, bit late for this year but since it's a 50miler and they are thin on the ground in the UK, have you thought about applying for UTMB points or to the Ws100 as a qualifier - might get a bit more interest.
  • thanks, this has been mentioned before and if it continues next year then we will certainly do so.

    13 ultra runners and 3 teams at the moment, but several more in the pipeline.

  • By the way, how does the clip thingy work ? Do we have to collect a clip from each of these checkpoints? (I've got visions of carrying a sack of metal clips round the course with me image
  • it's the clip's used in orienteering - a bit like a stapler. just clip your number and it leaves a series of pin holes. very quick and easy, we will have one at the start to show you what to look for.

    if you can't find them (i.e someone has nicked them) then don't worry, just carry on.

  • We now have17 runners plus 3 more probables. Still room for any late entries up to 8th June.
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