Adding an extra run into routine


 I'm looking to add an extra run into my usual 3 x week (3.5 miles each)  What is the safest way to do this without bringing on injury?  Any advice appreciated.

THank you



  • Just add an extra run! Start with 3 miles (less if you want) then build up. Assuming you're not obese and have been doing your "usual" for a few weeks then there shouldn't be a problem.
  • Hi Chubby bloke,

     Thank you.  I went for a  3.5 mile jog last night, 2.5 mile jog tonight - will go for a 3.5 tomorrow and then again on Sunday. I have been doing my usual since January now but can't seem to get past 3.5 miles and finding it's getting harder than easier to be honest..... i will keep plodding image

  • Try time on feet rather than distance.  Build up in 10 minute increments and if it's too much to run, then add it as a walk / run combo, gradually decreasing walk and increasing run.
  • Hi Jeepers,

    So am i right in thinking that if i do my usual 3 x 3 miles ((approx 35mins each 3.5 miles) then if i wanted to add an extra day to run fo e.g. 10mins, walk for 5 mins, run for 10mins, walk for 5 mins?

  • Yep, that's a great idea.  If you can run it all, then GFI, but if it's pushing you, then it's better to approach it that way.

    When I first started running, the advice given to me was to think in terms of time on feet rather than miles because that's where you start to build up your endurance.  I was advised to start 3 x 30 mins, then move on to 3 x 40 mins, 50 mins etc.  I had a number of injuries before running (through years of playing netball) so had to take it easy which was another reason for a slower buildup.  Sometimes I used to add the extra 10mins at the end of my run by doing a run / walk combo as I didn't want to push the injured bits (feet, ankles and knees).

    I also think that it's better to keep moving in a regular way, ie run/walk, than running until you drop, then having to walk the rest because you're knackered.

    I got to 3 x 60mins, then added in an extra day and gradually built it up to being able to run 6 days (45 - 50m) every week.  I do HR training, where the emphasis is on slower, controlled miles, but I've managed it without injury and at the ripe old age of 50+.

    Sorry, have to go, but keep asking questions if it helps.image

  • Hi there!!

    Thanks so much for your reply. The reason I'm so hesitant is because in the past I've gone out and pushed myself thinking I knew best and developed achilles tendinitis and sesamoiditis. So at Xmas I decided to follow a programme and to build up gradually which is why I'm so hesitant to push myself with an extra day.

    I will go for a 3 mile run later and then again on sunday.

    Thank you
  • You're very welcomeimage

    Best thing is try it and see - but trust your body.  It will let you know if you're doing too much.

     I surprised myself by being able to do far more than I'd ever thought, but by building up gradually.

    An extra day shouldn't hurt if you do it sensibly and allow yourself time off in between to recover.

    Make sure you include some form of cooldown too - whatever suits you - and make sure that you do this each time and I'm sure that you'll be fine.

    Good luck image

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