Infamy, Infamy...

My Friday 4 mile plod was a bit of an adventure. And not a nice one at that.

There I was trundling along when out of nowhere a water bomb flies at me and explodes at my feet. Except it's not full of water but milk (at least I hope it was milk). When I get to the one way street at the top of the hill I am almost mown down by a milk float coming THE WRONG WAY.

Then, on the nice flat speedy (for me) bit there are five schools boys blocking the pavement who refuse to get out of the way. However, I may be small but I've got broad shoulders so barged them out of the way. THEN a doddery chap cuts in front of me to walk down a narrow passage blocking my way and making me almost crawl.

THEN a dust cart whizzes past me and I manage to inhale something nasty, making me wretch and nearly throw up.

To cap it all, I went to the physio on Saturday and she said "Can you see that the your bottom has changed?"

"No" I said, "it's still big and fat"

"Yes" she said, "but it is a different shape...."

Does anyone else have days like these?


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