ITB Problem - VLM??

Hi Everyone

Been diagnosed by physio that I have ITB issue in left leg. After reading other comments, my pain is on the outside but just below the knee. On the 'knobbly' bit of bone, and also pain in the kind of 'gap' between kneecap and bone.

 Doing religious foam rollering, physio massaged it band above the knee and advised to run at weekend (last long run as missed a few through pain) and run through the pain as it could possibly ease off. Told that my body will tell me when I just have to stop.

Any thoughts.......and with constant stretches and foam rollering will I make through VLM??

Hope someone can help x


  • You've got two weeks, i would rest up DONT run through the pain this is crazy talk and I'm shocked that you've been told to do it so close to the event. You should be stretching lots but make sure its not to the point of pain, sports massage may help you rather than just foam rollering but make sure you go to a recommendation (local running club may be able to advise) and not just a random.

    What is the longest you've run so far?

    Its difficult cos different physios will say different things but i'm just surprised that you've been told to run through pain - most physios would say that pain is definatley not gain for runners. Its your body telling you to stop - at least they were right about that bit. 

    Edited to say  perhaps they meant run through if its only mild as the muscles will warm up and the pain may ease off but if its not wearing off or gets worse then don't run???

  • after 4 months of the same problem went to see a physio and she gave me 4 stretches to do - one for hamstring, 2 for calfs upper and lower and one for itb.  been doing these for 3 weeks 3 times a day and what a difference.  keep the stretching going as much as you can and dont stop.  also use a itb strap now to keep the band in place a bit uncomfortable at first but you get used to it.  Ease back a bit on the miles as now you should be cutting down with only 2 weeks anyway, so keep the stretching going and use the roller as much as possible

  • Hi

     Thanks both. Will keep the stretches going.

    Furthest is 16 but simple due to the injury. Goning to rest now and hopefully enjoy my first marathon.

    Thanks again x

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