Couple of Questions

First time half marathon runner, about six weeks to go. 33 years old and about half a stone over my fighting weight. I play football so had an ok base fitness but obviousley completely different to distance running. I can only get out twice a week to run. Initially struggled to increase distance but subconsiously as I was feeling better I was running faster so not really increasing much distance. A few weeks ago after reading up started to make my long run slow, up to ten miles now and feel can go further at this pace. Do I keep increasing distance at this pace or try increasing pace for a similar distance to improve my time ? My second run of the week is shorter distance 3 to 4 miles at a better pace.

Second question, I am trying to drop the additional half stone so cutting back on food intake, keeping it healthy though but can tell when out running maybe lacking a bit of energy. Am I best looking at dropping this weight over the next 2-3 weeks (which I can) and then increasing training as carrying hte extra weight can make a difference or sod it and just concentrate on training ??


  • Hello Brian,

    10 miles as a longest run will get you through the half marathon- if it was me I would probably go for slightly longer runs in the next three weeks rather than upping the pace as its going to be endurance/sustained running that will benefit you more.  You'll need to taper down the training as you get towards the event as you don't want to get to the start line exhausted or overtrained.

    For the weight loss, I'd personally aim for about a 500 calorie a day deficit- which equates to 3,500 cals per week and about 1 pound loss per week.  Training on starvation rations is no fun and the speed increase from the half stone reduction although noticeable will not be huge.

    Good luck in the half and do let us know how you get on.

  • Hello Brian,

     Just read your question and in my opinion on your food intake. I would not advise in you reducing your food intake too much beause that may be why you feel you dont have enough energy on your longer runs but also a suggestion on lack of energy. A good suggetsion is to maybe get some proper energy bars or energy drinks (not a bottle of lucozade now and a again) but i would find a running shop to advise you on powdered energy drinks and bars/gels.
    good luck!image

  • PHD Battery. I use this when playing football and it's very good. I know it will help with my running but as I've been trying to lose a bit have kept away from it. After my weekly weigh in this morning actually only have a few pounds to shift from where I want to be so will give it a go next week. I think I will look to extend the longer run to give me a bit more confidence of completing the half and hopefully on the day I'll have done  enough to get me through in a respectable time.

    Thanks both for the advice

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