Stanwick Ultra 45K

Just stumbled across this,

anyone know anything about it or entered?


  • Hi Helen

    Ive just stumbled across it, and probably not quite in shape to do it, but fancy trying somethign like this.

    45k is about 30 mile?

  • Personally I would steer clear. I've not heard much positive about other events the organisers have arranged. They have previously had very mixed feedback on here as well.
  • Hi  I completed this very friendly event around beautiful countryside. 

    This was my first ultra marathon and  I ran it with another club member we both ran  just under 31miles due to some navigation errors! ( it was a 28 mile run)

    It was disappointing that there were so few runners, I was the only woman so I was first  and last  woman! 

    The marshalls were supportive and friendly.

    I would recommend this event though I think for first timers to navigation it is best to run with someone.

  • Well done Patricia .... I really enjoyed the event too ....

    I'd done a bit of course recce so didn't go wrong on the day, I'd always recommend that if you live close enough!

     It was disappointing that there were so few runners - but was a great course - really pleasant countryside..

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