List of Events by date

Where can i find a list of events by date? i want to try and find a marathon for 17th July.


  • on the red line above...clict on the event tab and then choose marathons and July and it will give you a list ....
  • only oneadvertised on RW is an off road one......i expect not manay are organised for July becauseofthe heat...............ha ha haimage
  • I want an off road one. Just looked and it's full though. thanks for tip on where to look.
  • Maybe contact them to see if they have a waiting list.

    good luckimage

  • Plook

    click on events then select bit of the world you're interested in from list. Includes LDWA and multi terrain type events, if it's a marathon they list it! There does happen to be an off roader on 17 Jul but I haven't checked it against the RW listings.

  • Brilliant. thanks
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