Steyning Triathlon 1 May 2011

Am doing Steyning again as my first tri of the season, albeit stepping up to the Standard Distance as opposed to the Sprint from last year!image Should be a good early season test ahead of Bala and then Regensburg.

Mrs Mandel will also be dipping her toe in the triathlon water in the Sprint - I've warned her it's a slippery slope...

Is anyone else doing it as an early warm up? Gladys, going to give it another go? Any of the rest of the Southern crew?


  • I think quite a few are riding their MTBs on the Downslink that day... There is a thread round here somewhere.
  • bit early for me Mandel... I am a softy southerner after all!

    I will be doing the San Fairy Ann Cyclosportive that weekend and a mara the following weekend.

  • Hey guys - yeah I knew that was on meface but as don't have a MTB, thought my time would be better served doing a gently Oly...

    PSC I reckon you'll be working a lot harder than me on a sportive and mara compared to my Oly (which isn't even an Oly as it's a bit short...image)

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