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Hi guy's and girl's,

Just thought that I would share something with you all.
I am in training for the Brathay Windermere marathon in May and I am also in the Coniston 14 on the 9th April. My training is going well, lots of hill sessions and speed work. When reaching the long mileage weeks I did find that my feet were getting very sore, however, I have found one of the best cures.

"The Pisces Fish Pedicure" in Kendal, Cumbria. Also known as the Garra Rufa Spa Experience.

Absolutely superb, so relaxing, warm water, little nibbly fish all over your feet, all the hard, damaged skin gets munched away and your feet get a very very thorough massage at the same time.

I simply cannot recommend it enough, especially post runs......also a handy treat for the Mrs for mothers day.....



  • Hi Scott,

    I am also training for Brathay Marathon and suffering from sore feet on occassion but i have witnessed the fish pedicure in Middlesbrough and will have to give it a miss i think, altough my dad has got a fish tank, hmm now when was it he was going on holiday.........

     Anyway good luck with your training and your races and hopefully see you at windermere.

  • Fiddy Clem.......I haven't laughed that hard for a long while. It is certainly an "interesting sensation" for sure, as long as your dad doesn't keep piranas you'd be ok, LOL.

    Hope the feet ease off a bit soon, it can be very frustrating for sure when all you want to do is run.

    Good luck on the training yourself and see you in May.
  • We were watching this on the pier in Llandudno on Saturday afternoon...

    A succession of scruffy Scousers stick their feet one after the other in the same tank......

    Pass the verucca came to mind, It's not as if you can disinfect the tank after each person cos it will kill the fish

  • They had a shop in Newbury which had it in, looked quiet good, just never had the time and didn't fancy sitting with everyone peering at me through the big glass window your sat next to! It is shut at the moment, if it opens again I may give it a go, I am  getting blisters in my instep though so not sure how it would help that!

  • I had this done a couple of weeks ago and to frank, found it didn't do anything for the hard skin on my feet at all. Yes they were soft at the end of the treatment, but then they had been soaked in warm water for half an hour.  I didn't find it that relaxing either, the constant nibbling and nudging by the fish was unsettling.  Might have been where I had it done, but I very think this is a fad that won't last.

    I also worried about the hygiene aspect, especially after one of the fish died in my tank while I was having my treatment.

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