• I met up with someone who I used to work with through FB.  We exchanged a few emails and when she told me she lived in Zurich, I admitted that I used to have quite a crush on her (knowing I wouldn't bump into her on the street and get embarrassed) and she said she also had had a crush on me.  We exchanged emails, spoke lots on the phone and I went out to see her (by then we both knew where it was going).  We saw each other for a few months.  It was doomed from the start obviously, but it was fun and exciting while it lasted.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Ex's are ex's for a reason, as others have said. I have two very significant ex's, both of whom I much later re-established contact with (one at my initiative, the other at hers). They both emigrated across the Atlantic soon after we finished ... must be something about me.

    Looking back on it, one was the right woman but at the wrong time.  The other was never going to work out longtime, and the recent contacts confirmed both cases.

    The other ex is the ex-Mrs Muttley. I have occasional contact with her, and it's much less than it was since Muttley Jnr grew up.

    After we sold the marital home to buy our own places, I had the ex-Mrs lodging with me for a while. I kept putting Pink Floyd's "Meddle" on the CD player ... there's a particular track called "One of these days I'm going to cut you up into little pieces."

  • One of my exes (bear in mind I've been with Mr LB for over half my life so I was only a kid when I was with him) has told his wife that she was his first ever girlfriend!

    How weird is that? She has TWO of us as Facebook friends! image

  • The usual Scouse in-breeding LB
  • (she's a fake scouser)
  • He knows Peter. He's met me. We're going to have babies.image
  • so you're three-timing me?
  • The thing is, it's taken me over 20 years to notice what a dickhead he is too.

    The ex, not Dave.image

  • And not me, I hope...?!?!
  • Peter Collins wrote (see)
    so you're three-timing me?
    No - I have loads.image
  • multi-timing. for shame
  • She's like that, Part of being a Scouser.. Packet of fags or a bag of chips and she's anyones
  • I don't smoke unless I'm on fire,

    But I'll do a lot for chips.image

  • that's a bit pricey for me
  • "Do you smoke after sex ? Only if we've been going at it hard"
  • Dave - you haven't answered my facebook question yet....image
  • Oh yes I have !!!!!!!!!!

    I'm fat, male married and over 50.................Good book every time

    Got to go TLS has just texted to say clinic is over and she is heading home, Time to start cooking

  • Book wasn't an option!

    It was unbridled passion or a nice cup of tea!

  • Make TLS something lovely won't you?image

  • on the whole, I'd rather the tea
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