London marathon route


Does anyone have a garmin upload of the route for the London marathon? I know it is fairly flat, but I would be intersted still to see elevation.

The route on the main website is okay but it's not really as detailed as I was hoping.


  • Garmin File available at :

    Starting Elevation: 150 ft. | Ending Elevation: 52 ft.
    Minimum Elevation: 4 ft. | Maximum Elevation: 150 ft.

  • Hi,

    I have a route from my Garmin Forerunner 405 watch of the London Marathon 2009.

    I will try and see how I can insert a link to it.

  • Here's the link.

    Hope it helps.


  • Thanks Darrell - that's the time I'm aiming for! Great work! What part did you find the toughest?
  • Hi onlysevenmoremilestogo,

    Is that spooky or what? My finish time is the time you are aiming for.

    Obviously the last few miles were the toughest but on reflection my pace slowed due to my own stupidity. I had downloaded the Runner's World Garmin Ready plan to my watch and followed it throughout my training. However, I made the mistake of ignoring my "405" early on in the race when it bleeped to say "Slow Down". I felt good and my pace felt comfortable so I stupidly thought if I was running faster than the pace set on my watch I could get an even quicker finish time. WRONG!!!!!

    So my advice to you would be listen to your watch and if you start to get carried away SLOW DOWN! and stick to the pace on your watch or you will suffer later on in the race.

    I'm hoping to get a time of approx 04:00:00 this year. I would be over the moon if I could get 03:59:59

    Good luck with your run and I hope you achieve your goal.

  • Hi. Me again.

    I meant to ask if you saw the graph and was it of any use to you?

  • HI Darrell!

    My email didn't alert me to your message!

    I have a Garmin 110 which doesn't allow route uploads, so I won't be able to accurately track my pace, but I have an idea now what speed I need to roughly keep at to get in at under 4.30. I wish I did have a 405 though! I am planning to start very slow, at 11 min miles then build up after 3 miles and try to set my pace from there. Whether I can actually stick to that plan is another matter!

    It's a shame I can't view your mile splits, just your average pace over the marathon. Elevation wise looks like there won't be any major hills to climb. Just have to watch not the speed up too much when on the downhill parts I think!

    Getting very nervous now, and I think I'm coming down with something too which isn't good timing.

    Best of luck with your sub 4 - that would be an amazing achievement.

  • Hi onlysevenmoremilestogo,

    Here is a link to info of my 5km splits throughout the race if that helps.

    Also (in case you are not already aware) on the "Timing" graph (on the Garmin site) you can hover your mouse over the dark blue graph line and it displays the pace I was running at according to the length of time I had been running.

    The best of luck with your run and I do hope the weather is kind to us!

  • Or here is my 2006 result with 10km splits for my best time ever of 4hrs 17mins. Sorry no Garmin details for this run. . . . didn't have my 405 then.

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