Adventure race?

Hi - I'm new to the forums and saw this section and thought 'wow!'.

What is an Adventure race?

Does anone know of any races that take a few days to complete? If these races exist what do you do about sleep/rest? Do you have to take a lightweight tent with you or something? Or do you complete the event in sections with organised rest stops? Do you have to run in a team?

 I'd love to do something like this, but I'm not sure if such a event exists?


  • Adventure racing is quite  a broad term but most have some navigation as part of the challenge.

     Where in the UK are you?

    Open Adventure run events from 5-24 hours long, plus their longest race in August is:

    Also I did this last year:

  • Thanks thats gives me a better idea. These do sound awesome!

     I live in the Lake District, not too far from St Bees where the addas event is being held.

  • No worries. There loads of stuff on offer if you know where to look.

    A few search terms for google when you have some spare time;

    Trail quest mountain bike events
    Saunders mountain marathon
    OMM (original mountain marathon)
    Polaris challenge
    Rat race events
  • Also - Open Adventure run lots of events from 5-24 hours long, mostly based in the north and very often the lakes. You just missed a 5 hour running and mountain biking one mr grizedale on Sunday.
  • Thanks guys I'll check these out.

    I did the Ulverston troatholon last September which I enjoyed. And I'm on the Keswick to Barrow next month!

  • Your ideally placed for a bit of AR in the Lakes. This video should get you inspired...

    Although most stuff is significantly shorter.

    'Expedition AR' is around 3-7 days long and is non-stop. You will have to sleep at some stage, but the clock keeps ticking. Usually race in mixed teams of 4. There are usually transitions where you switch from one discipline to another. Depending on the event, you might have to complete a really long course, or sometimes you can skip some check points (CPs).

    As already mentioned, Open Adventure (they are based in the Lakes also) have a selection of events of varying length. This summers main race (the TERREX c2c) is a multi day stage race, so you get an overnight stop each day. Next year there is an expedition race. You can race most of these solo, or in a pair/team.

    There are other races around, but I mainly do the Open series as they are based up this way.

    Wetherby runner, who are you? Found this post as I noticed you linked to LeedsAR
  • There are also a group of us in Yorkshire see

  • Vertor (Trevor?), great site. Would be good to see if YARC and Leeds AR could work together, both being in Yorkshire and all. I'll get in touch via the site when I have a few minutes...
  • Ian Hi yes more than happy to get together, look forward to hooking up soon.  
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