Insomniacs Anonymous

Okay, I'm fed up with this.  For a variety of reasons, I don't sleep.   Threatened redundancy has made this worse in the past couple of weeks, but even without that my sleep pattern was pants.  I tend to wander in here, catch up and post on my usual threads, then read and/or watch naff telly with the little signing person in the corner.

Take me away from all this!  Anyone else around and fancy a natter at stupid o'clock?


  • I'm not insomniac, just up late....
  • I empathise I am running on about 4 - 5 hours sleep at the moment with short term contracts meaning despite hammering the morgage during the last contract I will still be three months behind and thats just teheone biggy there is other less important but also stressful stuff going on as well

    I have been an insomniac for years now but it is worse at the moment I tend not to watch TV but read instead but its not workign not online at home so can't join you at silly oclock to chat I am afraid

  • instead of reading which gets your interest.............try doing something boring like sudukos................or playing the same card game over and over again........the repetitiveness will bore your mind into sleep.........

     but aprt from that tip.......hope sleep comes better to you all soon

  • BB ✭✭✭
    su dokus boring? Seren wash your mouth out!image
  • The thing about reading is that it DOES get my interest and diverts my mind form whatever is going round and round in circles I can never remember where I stopped reading and nodded off but usually wakeup soon afterwards and end up reading somemore

    I avoid TV for the stimulation reason maybe I should take the duvet downstairs and watch soemthng mind numbing on the sofa

  • For nearly 20 years I suffered with sleepless nights.  Age 14 to 37.  I would try to sleep but get frustrated, it gave me panic attacks for a while until one nurse asked me - What's so important about sleeping a good solid 7-8 hours if it stresses you out to get there? - Well, I had no answer for that one!  Since then I've taken that message and used it. 

     If your brain is whirring away, let it.  Read, relax, chill out.  Above all - let your body rest.  Make sure you're comfy, make sure you're using as little muscle as possible - as though you're asleep!  It takes practice to get it right but after a little while you'll find you've fallen asleep with no effort whatsoever.  First time it happened I thought I'd lost time!! 

     I still prefer to sleep 3-4 hours.  Stay up to stupid o-clock then go to sleep when I cant concentrate anymore.  Occasionally I'll even sleep for 8 hours straight but I feel rough and icky so I feel less rested than I did before. 

     Good luck with the sleep xxxxxxx

  • I don't sleep much at the moment - finishing off my PhD thesis. It means that my brain doesn't stop even when I am physically tired (and mentally too). When I do sleep, I dream about my thesis. I spend large chunks of the night lying awake panicking/thinking. Also, because I am working to a deadline, and writing is so all absorbing, all the stuff about having a regular routine before bed, etc just can't apply right now. I'm sure that if I were training as I normally do, I would sleep better. But I dont have the mental energy to force myself to go and do a tough session at the moment, so I am just running when I can and doing whatever I fancy. I just accept that this is life at the moment, and this is my rubbish sleep pattern. Fortunately, its short term and the end is in sight.

    In the meantime, there are some things which help me:
    1. accepting that this is just how it is. I have enough to stress about without stressing about whether or not I am sleeping.
    2. Keep paper by my bed so that I can write down notes or concerns in the middle of the night.
    3. Do a brain-dump before I go to bed - I write down absolutely everything that I am thinking about so that I can forget about it, but still pick up the threads in the morning. I often make a plan for what I am going to do in the morning too.
    4. Wine.
  • I don't think Hash is really expecting anyone to fix this for her. She probably knows more about sleep remedies than all of us.

    I think she's asking for a bit of company in the wee small hours!

    Hash, sleep can sometimes be a problem for me so next time around we can have a natter... though I probably talk more carp than usual at 3am xx

  • I'm normally awake for a couple of hours a night so i'll pop in too. I find reading my wifes books helps image

    that and food image

  • limperlimper ✭✭✭

    Huge sympathies to you Hash. I know zackerly what you're going through.
    However, I won't be around to keep you company as I have banned myself from the computer at night. And the TV. I'm allowed to read my book and that's it. But I really do sympathise and if ever I decide to break my own rules I'll come and find you somewhere on RW.

    Hope you get some quality sleep soon.

  • Cheers all and yep, bang on the point Hope. Just wanted a drop in place for everyone in the same boat in the wee small hours

    Trying to have an early nght, hope we all sleep but if not then it will make a change to have some company
  • Crap I spy anyone?

    I spy with my little eye, something beginning with D.

  • Dark.

    Boredy boredy boredy bored.  Ho hum, back to the shopping channel as it's just me

  • Hash - if I don't hit m sleep window (anything between 10:00 and 11:00pm) I get second wind and I am up all night.  It happened last night so sorry I miised you.

    Next time it happens, I shall pop in here and say Hi or nab ou on FB where we can have an IM chat

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