6 days to go and the nightmares begin!

With only 6 days to go until the Brighton Marathon, my first and possibly last marathon, I had a nightmare about getting lost at 20 miles and getting home and no knowing what happened to the remaining six miles.

I am seriously getting nervous..........how do you all cope with this?


  • Sorry but weird dreams are to be expected, particularly before your first marathon.  Most people get the "running naked" one at some point image
  • It's natural. Just try to look at all the positive things - that you're doing something brilliant, that you're going to finish ahead of a lot of people, that everyone who comes along to watch will be behind you (this isn't a football match - they'll all be urging you on), if you're doing it for charity then you're raising money for a good cause (and if you're not, you're doing something that in global terms very few people do). Think about how smug you'll feel after, how much of an achievement it'll be. And if you had no nerves, you'd be a pretty odd human.
    Good luck.
  • My "race" dreams usually involve taking strange routes through buildings!

    It's all quite normal - have a great day image

  • Are you really going to run a 3.10 marathon Kitty Kat?
  • I was stressing last week about brighton (its my second) and had the weird dreams but not been naked on the start line yet.......  Like KK I burried my head in the sand until friday when i dug out my training diary for last year and compared with this year and seen how far i've come this year made me realise i've done as much as i can so all i can do is turn up and do my best!

    Good luck and see you at the strat line

  • i could understand if the olympics but if it all goes wrong  cant you just enter another race?

    never had a running naked dream. sounds good though image

  • Well if you run a 10k badly you can have another shot the next weekend but you need at least 12 weeks to run another marathon(well)

    Yeah Kitty Kat-I agree I think you are too much of a good time girl for a 3.10 marathonimage

  • Screamapillar wrote (see)

    My "race" dreams usually involve taking strange routes through buildings!

    It's all quite normal - have a great day image

    I had one of those the other night......the blue line went through a Department store, and we had to wait for the automatic glass doors to open!!!   (is it time for my medication again nurse?? image)

    Visualisation is a good tool......but how do you stop yourself doing it at 2am, when you should be SLEEPING!!!! imageimage

  • On sleeping, I would say try to get a good night's sleep two nights before your marathon. It's entirely possible adrenaline will keep you awake on the night before, at least for a while, so it's good to have a good period of sleep behind you...
  • Good tip Bootsy that's what i always do
  • Yuk. I hate funk.
  • Stay cool and just chill, that should helpimage
  • Still won't make me like funk... oh, you weren't talking to me were you...
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