Post Swim Stomach Pain

Hi all, I have been training for about two to three months now in preparation of my first Triathlon in May. Having come from a strong running background I can say that training has been going well - even in the swim!

However on the last few swim sessions I have suffered some stomach pain after the swim, usually either toward the end of an hours swim or about 10 - 15 mins after the swim. The worst yet being this morning and the remains still with me hours later.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Obviously this CAN NOT happen on race day or I will be unable to cycle after the swim!

Any insight or advice is gratefully received.

Thanks all.



  • Put the issues to running .... if it happened when you were running you would examine your diet, if you had tried something new or eaten later than normal et.c

    You would look to see if you have changed anything ....

    Drunk too much, drunk too little

    Look at posture ...

    Taking in too much air

    Tied your laces too tight .. (ok maybe not this one)     image

    All these things apply to swimming, the reasons dont have to be complicated just because its water based

    My guess would be if it is lasting this long that it is likely to be postural/muscular  .... are you relaxed when swimming?
  • Was your stomach bloated? That'd be a sign of taking in too much air.
  • in that case there are an awful lot of pirates taking in a lot of air     image
  • Helps buoyancy? image

  • hmmmm - I have recently started to breather bilaterally rather than rely on one side as advised by my swim coach, it has made me faster but as I think about it, perhaps the two coincide......

    I have also googled it and it would appear that it may be due to an "unrelaxed breathing form" and getting too much air into the body and causing a panic state!

    So...... I need to work on nice even breathes... great - something else to think about while swimming! It's a wonder why I have not drowned yet!

  • I need to burp after every 300 - 400m in the pool. I swallow air i've been told due to not breathing out fully when underwater, so having to blow out then gasp air in when i'm taking a breath. Swallowing some of it! I have to really focus on slowly trickle breathing out when i'm face in the water, then be ready to have a big smooth breath when I surface. It works sometimes but then something else goes wrong with my stroke, so I forget my breathing, gulp, gulp, burp!image Better out than in.
  • Ok thanks guys, I have done 2 decent swims since my last post and it seems directly related to breathing pattern.

    I change from breathing every three strokes to every second stroke and controlled the breathing more, this resulted in not having any stomach pain.

    The second swim I reverted back to three strokes between breaths and again tried to keep it controlled, however it must be something I am doing because the pain re-emerged, al be it it reduced.

    Lasted for about 2-3 hours before I managed to burp and fart it out of me! Lovely I know!!

    Still - something else to work on huh! Joy.....

    Thanks al.

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