Inside knee pain


      I have recently started training for a half marathon and after only one month i am suffering with my left knee. the pain is one the inside and just bellow the joint. I am resting and supporting the joint although after a week it doesn't seem to be any better. Has anyone else experienced this?



  • COuld be your hip flexors (can refer pain into your knee) but no one will be able to give you an accurate diagnosis bar a Physio/GP (maybe). You don't say how long you've been running for/what mileage you do etc etc, if its really bad you should go and get it checked out, if you're a beginner it could be that you're doing too much, you might not be stretching enough.......lots of things it could be.
  • I have only been running for about 2 months and i am only covering about 8 - 10 miles per week at present. I'm gonna go see my GP to get it checked out. I'm hoping it doesn't put me on the sidelines for too long as i was really starting to enjoy running

  • I don't know if this is the same thing but I had exactly the same symptoms and it turned out to be a stress fracture. It started to feel better but every time I ran it came back again causing me to limp for a couple of weeks. It was in exactly the same place as yours - an MRI eventually picked it out. Might be worth getting down the docs just in case.
  • Would be very surprised if its a stress fracture on those kinda miles, it will just be your body getting used to your new lifestyle image you perhaps need to stretch more effectively or speak to someone who is sports based (a lot of gps don't get running and often give pretty duff advice) such as a specific sports physio.

  • I'm going to see my GP tomorrow although i expect i'm not going to get much help there. I went swimming last night to get some exercise and the knee was fine with it. Its definately the impact thats causing the pain, especially uphill. One thing i neglected to say is that i am a few stones overweight at present. The plan was to loose the weight through training although i think i'm gonna have to diet quickly so i'm not running with so much presure on my joints.
  • Hi Thomas,

    I am having the exact same problem. The insides of my knees are killing me, and I have been unable to run this week which is really worrying me as I am only a beginner and have booked in to do a 10k race in May. It feels muscular but also the joint if that makes sense? I am trying to do more stretching and seeing if that helps. I cannot afford a pyshio so I'm hoping it will go away soon! Hope you start to feel better soon. Amy

  • Nice to find others with this problem. Let me know how you get on Amy

  • Hi,

     I had a similar problem with my left knee last month. basically there are so many things it could be and you really do need a proper diagnosis. I nearly drove my wife mad by constantly trying to slef diagnose myself.

    I finally went to the physio and they could not find anything wrong with the knee, although I had a sharp pain on the inside of the knee when I ran. When the leg was bent back (quad stretch) it would also cause a pain.

    Luckily we have medical cover at work so I went to the GP who referred me to a knee specialist. 7 days later I have a knee operation to sort out a medial meniscus tear.

    Hopefully your problem will not be too serious, but if it keeps causing you a problem i would definately get an expert opinion as you may be doing more harm than good.

    As for me i have had to pull out of all the races in April and May and hopefully will be fit to run the Grimsthorpe 105 in August, although I suspect that I will struggle to get fit in time.

    Good luck and i hope it all works out ok.


  • Thanks Trev, I have not run for over a week now and the pain seems to have dispated. Gonna be aptient and try again on Monday.

  • Hi

    I too am suffering with knee pain. Been running for 3 months now and have just developed a tender pain on the medial back of knee on left leg whilst bending my leg to walk. Today I have still got slight tenderness behind but now a stabbing pain on the front medial side of knee cap!! I'm getting miserable now as the weather is lovely and can't get out.

    I have been told to massage quads and hamstrings as the muscles of both of these insert into the knee.

  • Went running yesterday after a week of rest. Only did a slow 20 mins but really enjoyed it. The knee was fine throughout the run and after only gave the slightest few twinges. This morning it feels ok. Will get back into the swing of things slowly but fingers crossed the rest has sorted it out.

  • Hi,  Good news you are up and running again!  I've had an issue with my knee for over a week now - made the mistake to run a few days in when i still had tenderness.  Over the past few days of rest it's easing off and feeling more normal again.  When i say normal i mean the tenderness behnind the inner knee has gone each time i lift my leg in order to walk - but it still doesn't feel right - still feels weak.  I have been gently stretching my hamstrings and quads. 

    Can you describe the pain you were having?  Did you do any other exercise whilst not running over the past week?

  • Hi,

    Just like you it still feels weak. I'm sure part of it is me worrying and so noticing every tiny twinge but it is by no means completely back to normal. I will only be doing 20 - 30 min gentle jogs over the next two weeks and hopefully it will be ok, if not then i'm going to go see a physio. I did not stretch too much while it was aching noticably. I just wore a support and rested it. When i  was at home i would elevate it an keep it as straight as possible. In order to get some exercise i went swimming which was great as it gave me a good workout without causing any pain to my knee. As far as the pain itself it was/is just under the joint on the inside of the left kneeand feel weak behind also. It caused most pain climbing stairs and when twisted, decending stairs is no problem. The pain felt bruised and sore. Hope this helps. Keep in touch and let me know how you get on

  • Hi Thomas,

     Yes it sounds like what my knee issue is like.  I went for a gentle walk tonight - was ok to start even though there doesn't seem to be something quite 100% yet but then it started to feel weaker towards the end and i felt that i had to stop and stretch my quads and hamstrings gently to relieve the feeling.

     I think i will go for a swim tomorrow - was worried about doing front crawl or breaststroke because of the knee movement used.

     I was only running 30 mins 3 times a week for the past few months and i think i made the mistake of not taking a day off as i felt that i had to cram in my weeks worth after a city break!!  big mistake!

     Good news you are out there and running again - especially with the weather being so nice now.

     Will report in with progress.


  • Well i went for a swim - felt the same tenderness whilst kicking in the water and so stopped - today knee feels weak and tender again.  now fedup.
  • Hi guys.

    I started running again a few weeks back (first time in about a decade) and now have a similar problem - i.e.  pains on the inside of my knees - prone to sudden twinges if tensed in certain ways and my knees feel week. The pain seems to ease a bit if I bend my knees deeply.

    I'd been clocking about 15-20 miles a week, for the first couple of weeks before it kicked in. The pain came on quite quickly and I had to stop running for the last week.  It had started to improve a bit so I tried a very gentle run today but the pain came back pretty strong. Could be that it was just too early and I need to rest up a bit longer, but I was wondering how things worked out in the end for you guys, and how long you had to rest before it sorted itself out (if it has sorted itself out)?

    I've not had this kind of thing before so am a little concerned.

  • Thomas, I know this is an old thread but i seem to be suffering the same problems. Did your knee sort itself and did you ever find out what it was? I've got hooked on the running bug and its annoying me being stuck indoors!

  • @Thomas Russell, you have just described my exact situation! Training for Half Marathon. Haven't run in over 5 years and even then that was only a 7 mile race. Have been training just 3 weeks and have the same inside left knee pain described here. It seems to be impact related. i.e. I have no real pain, unless I try to run.

    Though my knee does always feel like it needs clicking. (that said, I have always had clicky knees!). I was silly and went for a 2 mile "run" (probably could have walked faster!) and thought I would run through the pain - bit painful and haven't benefited since.

    I actually only enjoy running once I've actually finished, the stretching and psyching up before hand is the hardest work for me, yet I'm currently finding myself really frustrated that I cannot go out for a run, even now I'm contemplating going out for a run! Any previous posters have a time scale for when things got better? 


  • Thomas, have a look at meniscus, pain can occur when climbing stairs, knee clicking and the knee even giving way and pain when walking.


    i get pain inside my knee at the bottom, more tibia than femur. My pain hurts when I lift my knee, i have even tried using a knee strap which helps sometimes, keeps the patella in line. There is a lot of research on what having weak glutes, hip flexors etc can do which can then effect the knee. I know myself I need to work on these areas!

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