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  • image She is soooo a perv .... I've seen her in action image
  • Oh TP you're so defaming my character!!! Not......;-)
  • Race no, 9459 should be at mile 17 at after about 2.50 if all is going to plan. Will be at the Expo tomorrow and will being cold hard cash!
  • He everyone,

     Thanks to GillyMac for adopting myself and my husband Chris at such a late stage - it's very much appreciated image

    Forum name: Elm
    Name (suggest you email this if unhappy to divulge via the forum): Emma
    Race number: 18841
    Estimated time to mile 17: 3.5 hours
    What you'll be wearing: Orange WSPA vest with EMMA on the front.
    Any special needs*  a wave and first aid lol image

    Forum name
    Name (suggest you email this if unhappy to divulge via the forum): Chris
    Race number:13932
    Estimated time to mile 17: 3.5 hours
    What you'll be wearing: Orange WSPA vest with CHRIS on the front
    Any special needs* more waves and first aid !!

     It's our first marathon and the nerves are starting to kick in - not helped because I seem to be the only person in the country without photo I.D !! 
  • Oh arse, I really can't suss this one out. If I'm planning to do 4 hours (planning being the operative word) when will I be at mile 17 for a sweaty hug?
  • KateF, I am also on sub 4 plan. I'll watch out for you.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Elm, VLM is just the best place to do your first marathon. You'll enjoy the whole experience image
  • morning team 7 - the barriers are going up on course now...
  • now the taper madness REALLY begins! First day of the Expo
  • Morning everyone,

    Kate F - You should be at the 17 mile mark at 12.20 but could be a bit later than this assuming it takes a while to get over the start.

  • It looks like the weather is improving for Sundayimage
  • Cheers for the info on the course elevation!

     I did Mablethorpe last Oct and at mile 20 a slight incline seemed like a mountain!

    Does everyone recommend using the baggage train?

    I was just going to dump some old clothes at the start, but if I'm getting there early I may take some more kit with me

  • Morning People, good its getting busy round here now image

    Oooh how exciting the barriers are going up, the morning weather forecast are now giving marathon updates as well image

    Hi Ex-pat-scot - another speedy runner image   

    Hi Elm, welcome to the thread. I did see your other thread, about photo id.  Take as much documentation as you can.  Do you have a work pass with a picture, hopefully if you take enough stuff they will realise it is you.

    The baggage train is good, Tony.  I had left loads of stuff in my bag, including phone and my good running glasses altough that was a mistake as it was a scorcher!  Altho if there is anything that you really wouldn't want to loose, then don't put it in bag.  The bags are all there ready and waiting for you when you get to the other side.  I didn't have to wait any time at all to get my bag back.  I would also recommend putting some treats in it for the other side.  The first thing I pulled out of the goodie bag was Jelly Babies, I was like if I see another Jelly Baby again image.  The minstrals in my kit bag, went down a treat tho image

  • Went to the Expo today - so exciting (first timer for London - first time marathon in fact!) - spent a small fortune and made myself leave before buying anything else!!

    Left Jaffa cakes & jelly babies at RW stand image

    Barriers going up - it really is happening this weekend isn't it???!!!

  • Yes honey it really is!!! Bonkers how quickly it finally happens eh?! Lol
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    <sticks paws over ears>

    La la la la la la, I can't hear you. It isn't happening this weekend.

    <skips off into Lalaland>

  • Thanks GIlly. Didn't make the expo tonight, heading out in the morning.
  • I've just seen the first plug for the tv coverage on BBC1!!!!
  • And I have just seen the first trailer with official start date for the next series of Dr Who image
  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    Location of Support Group*

    * Please note these are older images, we are relocated to the other side of the road!  WE WILL BE ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE AFTER THE ZEBRA CROSSING, which is immediately after the water station, not on the left as shown in the following images.

    Its also worth mentioning that with 1000's of runners coming past for hours and hours its almost impossible for us to spot you.  You need to know where we will be and look out for us

    The support groups will be lined up along the railing in number order, in the image below you will be coming from the right, you can see us just after the water station (Vittel banners).





    Remember, we will be on the right hand side

    And a link to the weather for Sunday

  • Hi Guys,

    I believe that you have drawn the short straw and now have me in your group.

    I don't think I'll be at the expo till 1pm ish on Saturday as reliant on a coach to get me there.

    Is there any point me leaving stuff at expo or is it too late?

    Who shall I send my info too? Do you want a pic with it or shall I post one on here?

  • ***UPDATE****

     I must  confess Sister Bad Habit and Gillymac, but I have been a little naughty and have told you the wrong race numberimage

     Correct race number is................... 3143image

  • Tony, you are a bad boy and I may have to spank you image lol!!

    Welcome Sioux! Saturday collections from the expo are being done about two so you should be fine to leave stuff image you can either post the info we need in the thread here or PM it to me and Gillymac completely up to you x
  • Hi,

    RW web avatar is Wiggrun,

    aka Wiggy / Wiggs in the real World, nobody bothers with my first name any more image

    26232 is the number on my vest.

    time to 17 miles - around 2hrs20, depends on start delay.

    Green club vest, red shorts, maybe black baseball cap ( stands out quite well )

    Requests - a cheer, ( make that a roar ) a wave, I might slow down to say hello as I refuel.

    See you all sunday, and thank you for doing it, it's good to see the support that's out there. I know my  parents will be around the course in places, an extra cheer at mile 17 will help massively.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    I'm getting all emotional about VLM now 'cos I keep having to talk about why I do it. Tomorrow will be even worse as it's the media fest and I'll be up with the lark and not back home until late evening with just a couple of hours sometime in the afternoon to escape to the Expo. It's all worth it for the charity though image

    Thanks to you guys for organising this for us. It really makes a difference to see some friendly faces when things get tough.
  • Redhead wrote (see)
     It really makes a difference to see some friendly faces when things get tough.

    By the sounds of it the only thing we'll see at mile 17 is the sight of Tony the Tash being spanked by Sister Bad Habit image.  I wanted to remember my first VLM but certainly not for this reason image

  • BLimey, I might choke on my Jaffa cake. Dropped off some cash today.
  • Now there's no need to feel left out there's plenty of spanks available for all!! image

    Redhead I know exactly what you mean - I did London two years ago and the peeps I got hugs and support from off these forum support groups then made such a big difference to me, its the reason I've been the other side of the fence last year and this xx

    If anyone's going to the expo tomorrow, I'll be at the runners world stand for a collection about quarter to five, five o'clock ish if you wanna come say hi image
  • ((((RH)))) hugs redhead, just keep focused on the end result, lots of publicity and funds for your charity image

    Don't worry, I'll be ready with the heimlich maneuver for spanking enduced choking!!

  • Grrr Gilly our printer has packed up if I email you the spready on Saturday would you have time to print it and bring with you?
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