VLM Support Group 7



  • Good luck to all running and signing off, thanks so much for the organisation List Fairy, and a big sweaty advance hug of thanks to the team 7 supporters.

  • Thanks schmunkee - great work again!!!
  • Will be signing off too.

    That said I'll probably bounce through on my phone tomorrow.

    Thanks for welcoming me into T2 larte in the day.

    Oh and race no is 5189

    A bottle of drink is being left at the expo all labelled up with no, team and name.

     Good Luck everyone

  • No more pasta........I've had enough now. 

    Good luck all. See you at mile 17!

  • Hello lovelies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

     This time tomorrow we will have seen some of you image I'll be around all day today for anyone having nerve attacks and wanting some online support before the morning image

  • Ooooh exciting! Can't wait to see everyone.

    Hope everyone feeling ok, don't worry if nerves kicking in. Perfectly normal and u will be fine as soon as u get out there and start running tomorrow.
  • I can't believe how excited I am! Not just about the free rein to scoff macaroni cheese either.

  • I'm in bed with the dog.  Is that taking tapering too far?

    The OH is calming the nerves in a different way - shopping therapy. Apparently that's what works for her!

  • Gilly1709 there are so many possible comments and so little time image lol!!!!!!!
  • Hehe, retail therapy works for me image
  • Right then, I'm calling it a day early start tomorrow!!! Massive good luck vibes to everyone see you at mudchute!! Mwah x
  • Night see u all tomorrow. Xx
  • good luck everone !!

  • morning all

    see you in a few hours

  • I'm on the train on my way into London - the things I do for you lot!!! Lol.

    See you all soon!! Xx
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Thank you to all you guys standing out there for us runners in that heat. You were awesome and helped me enormously.

    I managed to knit a long scarf but was 10cm short of my current Guinness World Record but not too disappointed as it was too hot for me - we redheads don't do well in the heat.

    You were a brilliant support team. Thank you. Love Redhead xxx
  • Redhead, as you probably know, you were mentioned during the commentary.

    Well done, looked awful out there.

  • ooh well done Redhead image  I missed you, I was probalby harrassing someone else at the time.  it was very hot out there well done to anyone running in that

    thankyou group 7 for adopting me, I've got a sore throat and a headache but a briliant day as always

  • great work (and sweaty hugs!) thank you so much guys.

    Text was really appreciated to SBH image
  • Just to say that you were amazing!! The hugs, encouragement and Jaffa cake at mile 17 were awesome - you guys rock!!!!
  • Morning all!!!!!! Was lovely to see you all at 17 you all looked pretty good considering how hot it was!!!!!

    Hope you had uneventful journeys home and are not feeling it too much today - unlike yours truly who got totally sozzled, went the wrong way on the tube line and managed to go a over t  on the platform image oh well, I have a reputation to maintain you know!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks to Loon and Bear for joining the Super Sevens to help us out, and Gilly it was, as always, a pleasure image

    Congratulations to all our runners, you are all stars xxxxxxxx

  • Morning all - thanks for the cheering at mike 17, was feeling good so didn't stop in for a cider. I'll be joining you on the other side of the fence next year, the race was just too busy for me.
  • Hi all, well done to all our runnes.  You did a fantastic job, it was hot out there.

    RH I almost missed you but caught your name on your back and gave you a few loud cheers.

    Well done Kate, glad you were feeling good at mile 17. 

    Nik and Longboat we enjoyed the sweaty hugs.

    Thanks to Loon and Bear for joing our support group.

    I like SBH got a bit sozzled, lucky enough Barlos and Schmunkee were going back to MK, so they saw me home.  I've got sunburt arm and neck and no voice left today image  Was a great day.

    Well done to all our runners imageimageimageimage

  • I'm a little embarrased to say that i didn't find you image.  Maybe I did - I don't know but there seemed to be a lot of balloons around the 17 mile mark so I spent the whole time waving at everyone.   To be fair I didn't even see the houses of parliament so I must have been in my own little world!

    As a first time London marathoner all i can say is What an Event!  The support out there is absolutely phenomenal.

    Well done to all yesterday & thanks GillyMac and SBH.

  • Hi Gilly1709 not to worry about missing us there were an awful lot of balloons around yesterday!!!! We were yelling at everyone so you would have had plenty of very vocal support even if we didn't get a hug image
  • Hi Gilly1709 if you saw lots of balloons and heard lots of noise you probably saw us.  It is easy to miss amongst all the support groups  along the route.  Glad you had a good time, it is an amazing event image

  • thanks all - I was in a world of pain at 17, and your cheers made a big (if temporary) lift. Cheers
  • If its any comfort ex-pat we all said how good we thought you looked!!!
  • Yeah u were flying past.
  • Thank you so so much at Mudchute.

    After I had stomach cramps and urgent 'trot stop' at 15m I had been pretty bleaurgh and then I got to you guys. 

    Just seeing the balloons appear had me smiling before I got to you.

    I had a fun day in all and was lovely to catch up with some in Chandos later.

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