VLM Support Group 7



  • I'm sure I did see you all. I'd loved to have stopped for a hug but I wouldn't have got going again. I'll probably do London next year but if I don't I will definately join you at 17.  It's exactly where you need that boost, cheer, hug jelly baby, whatever. It really helps.

    If not I'd love to be in this group again - and I'll make sure i find you this time.

  • Oh that's lovely! We def have the best runners y'know image I shall definitely be planning to be there again next year I'm going for my hat trick next year! Lol
  • hehe it is the best group image  I will be there again if I'm not running.  It really put me in the mood this year and I will be entering the ballot next week.  If I do it I will defenitely be stopping for hugs.

    Sioux glad to be of help. 

  • You were great, thanks for the sweaty hugs and kisses too. Was lovely to stop and have a gel and drink with you. Sorry for being early GM, not sure how that happened because I definitely wasn't ahead of plan, must have been an error on my behalf. Did wonder why you were asking if I wanted vaseline, wish you had pointed my bleeding nipples out to me, I had no idea until I looked down a mile or so down hte road.

    Am gutted I didn't venture down to see you all in Chandos, managed to get a table for the family upstairs with Fetchies and never entered the downstairs bar. Oh well will just have to do it again next year.

    Anyway thanks again you were awesome, was so looking forward to mile 17 and was well worth it.

  • Hi sorry Mattoo, would have been more forceful with the vaseline if I'd realised.  I wasn't sure if you had realised  and it wasn't bothering you.  Or if I'd point them out and then it would start bothering you image if you know what I mean.  Hope it wasn't too bad. 

    Some good pics the supporters and of group 7 here

  • Is fine Gilly, really didn't bother me. will look at those photos now.
  • sioUxsioUx ✭✭✭

    There's a good one of me at 7.

    mattoo- good to meet you in Chandos.

    It's all a bit of a blur so will just have to do it again next year.

  • A belated thanks to everyone involved in this! Not sure who I met at mile 17 has I think I was delirious with the heat! Us Northerns only get one day a year like that (We call it summer)

    Do you think that next year I can request cooler weather?

    Thanks again,


  • just back from a few days away.

    A big thanks to all of you @ 17m

    i really did need you all, I was in a bad way by then

    A huge thanks to whoever it was who txt Mrs LL for me, she did get the message

  • You're very welcome hon, glad to be of service image and tony, I've put in the order for cooler weather next year lol image
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