Is this runners knee? (pfp)

Hi. I have a pain in my knee when I set out on my runs right in the middle of the patella (or under it). This has started happening since I injured myself trying to ride a unicycle! That injury was a hamstring strain but this seems to be a knock on effect.

  I have read up on pfp and the pain described sound like what I have. The only thing is when I go for a run it's quite a stabbing pain to start with but the further a go the less it hurts. After a few miles the pain has gone. There is no pain when i finnish the run and the next time it hurts is when I start again from cold another day.

I also get pain when walking down stairs.

Can any tell me what this is and also the best cure?

Many thanks.



  • I had something similar, and was told to spend more time on my Glute muscles, a few exercises later and the problem seems to be sorted. Hope that helps
  • I had the same kind of problem, only felt slight pain running downhill or walking down stairs, I read that you need to concentrate on your quads and glutes as tired quads often cause knee pain, something to do with the way they connect to the knee?

    Try throwing in a few strength training exercises a week (lunges,squats etc) and I find that yoga works a treat any time you can do stretching spend extra time on it.

    Failing that see a physio and wear some knee support?

    Hope you get it sorted soon, nothing more annoying than an injury you can't quite work out.

  • Thanks for the replies. I've also recently done a pretty intense 10k that involved a very large hill climb and a fast downhill section. Afterwards I had very tight calf muscles and dispite doing plenty of stretches after, they were still very tight for a few days after. I wonder if this has affected my knee.image.
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    well sometimes my leg stiffs up just when running and have to take it steady after I hurt my foot in a fall in my bedroom but also swim a lot aswell
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