Two marathons in six weeks

I'm running Paris on Sunday and then Edinburgh in 6 weeks time. It wasn't originally planned that way but now I'm in I want to give both my best shot. Training has gone well for Paris which will be my 7th marathon and I'm looking to get somewhere near my 3:55PB.

Assuming I get through Paris in OK condition I would like some advice please on how to approach the 6 weeks to keep me in shape for a similar effort in Edi.


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    First of all good luck in Paris on Sunday.Secondly a 2nd Marathon in 6 weeks is possible.I ran in Berlin in 2002/3 and a week later on both occasions London to Brighton ( 88km ) without too many problems.

    After the marathon take a week off just to give your body a bit of a rest then in the 2nd week a very gentle build up towards the weekend where a steady 2 hour run should be possible.The following 2 weeks train as per pre Paris then slowly come down again in the 5th week,the final week is again as per Paris nice and easy running.Good luck and let me know how you get on.


  • GoldeagleGoldeagle ✭✭✭
    Steve, thanks for your thoughts. Much appreciated.
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    I'm doing the same - any training tips? I'm thinking of doing 15miles three weeks before then doing some serious tapering!

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