Blue Start and Red Start

Yes I know I asked this yesterday but I didn't really get an answer apart from being told to look in my magazine which I obviously have and they look close together but as I haven't been before I wanted to know how long approx walking time are they from each other as I am in blue start and my husband in red.

 Would be grateful for an answer x


  • Hi Corin - I read somewhere you should allow about 8 - 10 minutes to walk between the two.
  • Oh thats great, thanks Julie Fowler 2


  • If you've trained as prolifically as you've asked questions - you'll fly round the marathon.
  • Why do you not just both start at red and stay together then you do not need to worry about how far the starts are apart
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Corin, last year I met up with some people off here at Blue start, we had a chat and a photo, then I walked with one of them to the Red start, it does take 10-15 minutes.

    It's easy to find, and there are plenty of signs at the Blue start directing people to the Red start.

    I have not walked from the Red start to the Blue start though, that's a different question.

  • dave - I'm not sure you can do that anymore.  At one time the Blue and Green starts were fenced off, but the Red start was open.  The last time I did the marathon in 2008 the Red start was also fenced off and I had to show my running number.  The magazine does state quite clearly that 'only the runners with the corresponding coloured number will be allowed into the appropriate starting area.'
  • Itd be silly to inspect numbers carefully on green and blue and then let anyone in at red start. Recipe for disaster that would be and I just can't see it happening.
  • Cougie

    If you have read my posts on the injuries forum you might realise why I am worrying so much about every detail !!

    I hope you are right though, good luck what time are you aiming for ?

  • You can only enter the start that you have been allocated, so you will need to go to your seperate areas, if you want to meet up, then the two routes join around mile 3, but it will be a bit chaotic (that said in previous years I have met friends on other starts around the 3-5 mile mark so it can happen)

    time wise, it is about a 12 minute walk between the two starts, hope that helps, good luck with your race, hope you enjoy it image

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