Looking for Bluetooth Headphones that are REALLY sweatproof

He there, let me first say I don't want to start a debate about wether people should or shouldn't run with headphones. image I do both, but like to have my music, and my Runkeeper audio cues on my longer runs.

 So, to be blunt, I am a sweaty git. I run slowly (11:30 - 12:00 Minute miles) and at 260 Lbs (having lost 30 this year), I sweat more than your average runner I think. 

I don't like the constant wrangling that has to go on with headphone wires, so last year went bluetooth. Someone got me a pair of Jaybird Freedoms and they werinstantly fantastic. Trouble is, after 18 months of being sweated on they packed in. Although they have a lifetime sweat garuntee, my partner cant find the receipt, also they don't make them any more so don't know what good the guaruntee will be. 

 I tried Plantronic 903+. Sound and fit was excellent. REally liked them. They died after 2 weeks. I'm still waiting to see if I'll get a refund on them. 

 I bough Motoroal S10-HDs as they are described as 'sweat proof'. Died 7 miles into an 8 mile run, and wont switch on anymore. the little flap protecting the USB port is quite loose, and on inspection had moisture underneath it. 

 So my question is this. Is anyone using Bluetooth Headphones that ARE sweatproof, or better still waterproof?


  • I have the Sony W252 which is a 2gb MP3 player, they do a 4gb version too and its very easy to use, only deal is it works like a shuffle so you can't view your tracks unless the thing is plugged into a computer. It is sweat proof though and charges up within 2 minutes, literally!

    I have also heard on the grapevine they will be producing an even better even smaller model this summer, apparently better in every way but no more news then that. But no wires, fantastic sound and easy to use, I didn't want to wait till the summer and am very happy with mine.

  • Jenny can it be used Bluetooth to another device though? I need it tip talk to my iPhone or run keeper. I'll look into them.
  • Ah no, I don't think they are bluetooth, they are an MP3 player, you don't need another player to add to it the player is already within the earphones believe it or not: you wouldn't know by looking at them and strangers have often assumed they are bluetooth and asked where the rest of the player is!

    But no, you wouldn't be able to chat on your run via phone with them.

  • Ah ok. Not for chat though. I use ru keeper which gives me vocal cues about time distance pace etc. Something I especially rely on in long runs.
  • Is that an App? Sounds interesting! I ask as am awaiting the next i-touch to get my first app-possible machine and have all that to look forward to! Its a shame you can't put that onto an MP3 (looks like this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-NWZW252B-Walkman-Resistant-Headphones/dp/B003I64108/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1302392041&sr=8-1s ) even with the apps I think I'd be too irritated with wires (the bluetooth earphones I've seen still have way too much wire for my liking!) But an app for telling me how long to hold a stretch/lift for example could be useful.

  • The Bluetooth phones I've had all look smaller than that. Similar design with the cable going round the back of the neck. Runkeeper is a great app but not sure if it works on the iPod touch as it uses GPS. Yiu can fins out about it at www.runkeeper.com.
  • Tim DTim D ✭✭
    I have a pair of these


    Because they are on the ear, only the padding gets sweaty. Also I find that I can have them on low volume and still hear traffic etc well along with my music and info from the app I use. (I use Cardiotrainer on an Android phone)

    Oh and they are cheap.
  • These look interesting. I've also just read that Jaybird have a new version of the the Freedoms coming out.
  • New Jaybird Freedoms look very interesting. http://www.jaybirdgear.com/jf3/

     However, I'm having a little difficulty trying to get them to honour theyr 'lifetime warranty agains sweat'. 

     Phillips have a pair out SBH6000/28 Active Fit. They seem to be washable. That would be good. 

  • These FX-SPORT waterproof/sweatproof bluetooth headphones look completely new on the market and seem to offer stuff I haven`t seen before. http://www.fx-sport.net

    The 4GB mp3 is built in like the Sony, but they also have a bluetooth connection for your phone [ to stream music from or take a call] like the Jaybird, but are COMPLETELY waterproof so you can even swim with them. They have a "VR1"model which seems to have a text to voice personal trainer and "race a virtual athlete functionality". This would be quite a package. For me I could have my whole fartlek session mapped out with audible cues [my words] to kick in over the music at designated times, rather like an audible stopwatch and trainer. I could also use it for my gym sessions. This has got to be worth a look.

  • Yeh, these things look to bulky for my liking. Update on Jaybird, I have posted my old Freedoms back (just waiting on them arriving), apparently it will then take up to 14 days for me to get my replacements. Not sure if they'll be the old or the new Freedoms, but looking forward to getting them back for sure. Wired phones are bugging me image
  • I think over the ear are larger but there are also advantages - more comfortable and don`t have the fit problem of when the in ear style gets sweaty they can become loose and even pop out. Have a look at reviews. There are many people who suffer from this. The new "geco" grips still have this issue on their new model.  Also the whole bluetooth link idea has limitations. I don`t want to take my bulky expensive Iphone on a run or certainly circuit training. Also music navigation is better with the FX-SPORT and with the swimming and other functionality, for me they offer a lot more. I think self contained  is the future and not relying on another piece of hardware.

    If in ear is for you have a look also at the Phillips sweatproof version. Jaybird have made a shambles of their customer service with their new model and I have seen reviews saying they haven`t honoured this lifetime warranty for sweat. 


    Here`s the Phillips link also:


    Hope that helps.  image

  • Phillips one was definitely an option, although not out yet. I'm still expecting Jaybird to send me new phones. Should hear in a couple of days.
  • OK, just an update, my replacement Jaybird Freedoms arrived today. Not the new style but who cares. Not bad them being replaced after 16 months of use. I look forward to my 12 mile run on sunday, free of the annoying cord. image
  • I, too, suffer from that common hominid ailment so little know to manufacturers of sports headphones (gulp, I sweat), and have never had a set last more than six months. I also have an appalling genetic defect which means that my ear holes are not the recognised standard size. My current ploy is to bulk buy from Poundland (of course I wear a bag  over my head when I do this), and just shrug and replace as needs, but I am sorely tempted to follow up your recommendations Tim D and Simon Jones 58. Many thanks for that.

    I shall go off now and try to evolve a proper way of keeping cool and some proper ears.

  • Chilli Technology sells one http://www.chilli-tech.com/index.php/products/chilli-blue-sports-bluetooth-headphones.html for just under £50. I've been using it for the last 4 months with my HTC Desire for music and Runkeeper audio cues, and it has seen an awful lot of sweat and rain. So far I've had no issues with it. The stereo sound is loud and clear.

    You can get the same product on ebay for 30% less: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/30-Of-On-Chilli-Blue-Sports-Bluetooth-Headphones-/150883273179?pt=UK_AudioVisualElectronics_HomeAudioHiFi_Headphones&hash=item23215809db#ht_740wt_1293

  • If you’re looking for a reliable option for running, the Motorokr S9-HD is a great choice. I highly recommend it.


  • Don't know if you read my first post. Are the S9s significantly more sweat proof than the S10s? Because I managed to kill a pair of them very quickly.
  • Have you considered using a single stereo earphone for the safety aspect of keeping one ear free and not have an earphone dangling.  These products can be purchased on Sport Explorer

  • Thanks Helen....


  • I have been using the wireless FX-Sport VR1 model [8gb mp3 built in] now for a few weeks. It is simply the best I have used to date. Apart from music quality that is better than all the others I have tried, you can upload training sessions directly onto the headphones. You get them from the FX-Sport database and they are free. I have done a few of their fartlek sessions and have to say it was brilliant and knackering. My search for the ideal headphones is over.  www.fx-sport.co.uk


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