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Hi - my daughter is due to give birth and as she lives with me I will be very much a hands-on nanna.  As I train for ultras I would like to do a lot my 'looking after' while out running.  Please can anyone advise me firstly on roughly how old should the baby be before I can stick her in a buggy to go running with and also recommend a decent buggy stick her in!!

 Thank you in advance


  • Hi

    For a buggy to be usable from birth to 6 months it needs to either allow the baby to lie flat or to have a car seat fitted to it.  This means that you're mostly restricted to the "travel system" type buggies or a very few normal buggies that will lie flat.  If I was going to run with one I would want the baby to be in a car seat, strapped in.  Not in anything that allows them to lie flat.  I would also be looking at something with good suspension and would stick to smooth surfaces (no trails) and fairly short runs.  I would also wait until the baby has some head control (about 3 months).

    Once the baby is starting to sit up (6 months) then there are loads of buggies to choose from.  Baby Jogger are supposed to be the best (that's what Paula uses) but this looks pretty hardcore image

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    We had a babyjogger, suitable from approx 5 months (when they have head control)  and it was fantastic image

  • Another vote for Baby Jogger here! i used mine when my son was about 5 months ish - but bought a "snuzzler" insert which fits round them to keep them comfy if they are still a bit wobbly! Takes a bit of getting used to and makes hills a whole lot more of a challenge, but it is great to be home with a baby and not to feel "trapped" and just get out for a run!
  • Thanks for the info so far people - much appreciated.
  • We have a 'croozer' which is a bike trailer/jogger/ stroller. It's fab. Using a special baby insert in it at the moment until baby aprox 10 mnths. Only just started using it when she was aprox 5 months. Am avoiding trails until she is older. She always sleeps in it, looks very comfy!
  • Thank you 'runnin' free'.  Will have to be patient and get something sorted for when the baby is a little older and her head is more sturdy.  I'll have to settle for lots of walking prior to then maybe!!
  • I am getting really frustrated waiting for the arrival of junior (was due on Saturday) so am very premature to be reading this thread. But my question is this - what is it like to push a buggy when jogging - presumably you need to use your arms and if you have a long stride you catch your feet on the underneath? In my mind it seems quite awkward but is it OK?
  • Hi I've just ordered one of these  I will let you know how I get on. 

    My little one is only 5 weeks so it will be a while before I run properly with it. I will start power walking with small intervals of jogging on a smooth surface.  Pugsley - you have my sympathy, my baby was 11 days late which was so frustrating. Some people train for marathons with pushchairs so they can't be that awkward as long as you get one designed for the job.

    Good luck image

  • Thanks. Still waiting........
  • Maybe go for a run?!   I power walked round a bumpy field and that got me going.  I hope you haven't got too much longer to wait.
  • hey Iron, I presume your baby is now nearly a year old - how did you get on with the running buggy and which one did you go for in the end ??



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