camelbak hydration systems

i've started to train for my first ultra (london to brighton) and want to purchase a hydration pack that is light enough for training but also has enough room to carry supplies needed to complete 56 miles (hopefully). Any ideas and wheres the best place to purchase from.


  • Funnily enough I got a Camelbak Octane XCT earlier this week and took it out for the first time today.  It has it's problems, but so far I think I prefer it to other water-carrying equipment.  I'm not sure if it would have enough space for your gear though.  The other running-specific Camelbak is the Octane LR, which as far as I know has more gear space.

    I spent ages looking around for the cheapest place to get it and the best I found was Merlin Cycles: if you create an account you get an automatic 10% discount.  If Merlin don't have what you want try Wiggle: they seem to be highly reccommended and have an offer code on the front page that'll give you a total of 15% discount (that's 15% total though, so if something is already discounted by 10% you'll only get another 5% off it).

  • My advice above all would be to try the pack on before you buy it.  Everybody's back is a different shape and half the battle is finding one that suits you.  Try to find a shop with a good selection and have a play around.

    Above all never use anything in an ultra that you have not tested on a 20 mile training run, whether it is a pack, footwear, clothing or nutritional product. 

    My personal weapon of choice is the camelback octane 18, an I have friends who have got on well with packs from Inov8, Tera Novan and OMM. 

  • Agreed... you must try it on before buying because it's a long way from London to Brighton with an uncomfortable pack.  My weapon of choice is an OMM pack with a generic bladder (bought separately).
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