Live VLM Tracking

Last year during the London Marathon you could get tracked using a facebook application. Sometimes its been done to a mobile number.

 Does anyone know if there is live tracking this year??? I know its not always the most reliable though from experience!


  • its still there in facebook but obviously had no activity since last April.....if anyone knows of any live tracking please post here!! Getting fed up of having to tell friends and family that ''i'll get back to you on that!'
  • Has anyone seen any news on SMS/internet live tracking of runners in this year's London marathon? Is there another thread? Thanks

  • Bumping this up the list, in case anyone knows. I tried the adidas waptracker text RUN to 83040, which worked in previous years. Although I got a text back with a link, the link didn't work. Don't know if it can be done another way.

    Someone has added this to the link in the previous post and it seems to work image
  • From what I can tell the live tracking is working very well this year.
  • I read in an email from from Virgin London Marathon, that there will be live tracking on the day through the VLM homepage.
  • I've been trying to get Runkeeper and Runmeter to work but the 'live' bit only seems to apply to the end of your run when you press a button saying 'Share'.  Neither seem to update automatically during a run, which is what I'm after.  Has anyone successfully used these apps?

  • There is also an iphone APP, not sure how it works yet though as I've downloaded it but it's asking for 'tracker' numbers and doesn't seem to recognise race numbers!

  • VLM put something on twitter about it, when I asked "will this just be at 5/10/15k intervals, or literally a GPS tracker?" they messaged me saying "hi nicki, this will be a GSP tracker. Check out our website from 7am sunday for more details . . . " I'm presuming GSP is a typo? maybe there will be more information at the expo?

  • There's that website, and there's also a tracking feature in the London 2013 app. I found it by searching Virgin London Marathon in the app store. Once you register you can find your tracker number in the settings, and then friends with iPhones download the app and search your tracking number. It looks like you need to activate 'Follow my route' at the start of the race for it to work. Think it's only for iPhone?

  • Yes Fenn has the right address but it's not funtioning until 7am on race day but you can track upto 10 runners

  • According to my tracking application.... nobody has started yet.  So it appears to be working.

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭

    I downloaded the app, but it looks like it has now been removed from the app store and is not an official one. It does look a bit rubbish! I think VLM said on Facebook that they don't have an app, you just track runners through the website.

  • Top tip from Tenjiso image

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