Lucazade Jelly Beans Vs Aldi Jelly Beans

OK what's the difference, you can pay about £1 for a 30g pack of Lucazade Jelly Beans or 79p for 200g of Aldi Jelly Beans, as far as I can tell the nutritional content is exactly the same and the only diference in the ingredients is the Aldi ones have cornflour and the Lucazade ones maize starch .image

Please inform me.


ps. The Aldi ones taste better too image 


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  • So glad I'm not a numty, you are sure they don't have a mystery magic ingredient image


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    Well I dont use refuelling during running, but one would imagine they are the same.

    Its the sugar you are after no doubt for energy, in which case I doubt they are any different from any other jelly bean sweet. Maybe they might have one or two calories less (or more) for the same gms, but they are Jelly beans. image

  • I don't actually use then, but we do eat the odd jelly bean image and have some freebie Lucazade ones and I actually looked at the packets today!


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    I only eat Jelly Belly Beans cause nothing else comes close on flavours 

    I LOVE them  image

  • I hope you've tried Aldi's they're the nicest ones I've had, just got that bit of a tange,


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    *makes mental note to buy some when next near an Aldi* image
  • Make sue you do, I'm a bit of a sucker for any with pink grapefruit in the packet image

    Even OH agreed they were better than Morrison's (which I think might be a couple of pence cheaper - so it's a big deal as he's a miser image)


  • Cornflour is the same as maize flour, no?
  • That's right. No. Actually, I don't have a clue.
  • That was my thought = both exactly the same excapt one's about 10 times the price of the other image


  • Lucozade jelly beans are very hard to chew when cold, as I discovered over the winter. 

    They're totally the same as other beans but different from 'proper' sport beans, which have electrolytes in them.

    Buy the cheaper, tastier ones.  But not jelly belly.  My run would be over if I mistakenly ate a root beer or big red flavoured one.  Or buttered popcorn <gags> image

  • The difference would appear to be around £29.38 per kilo.
  • We have a few bags of the lucozade ones... purely because we picked them up for free at an expo and the lucozade lady brings them to Parkrun so we pick them up for free there too... image  If I had to buy them then I'd just go back to jelly babies... far more satisfying hearing them scream.

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