Magnets instead of safety pins?

Ran a HM today (matched my PB - pleased considering it was bloody hot) and ruined a new vest with safety pin holes.

My vests are usually thicker than the one I wore today so don't usually notice it as much... but kind of annoyed as it looks atrocious now and cost me the best part of £18.

Not keen on repeating this... and with the amount I race, I'm looking for a new solution.

Has anyone used magnets to attach their number before? If so, where did you get them and how effective were they?


  • Tri-number belt
  • Go topless and spray your number on.
  • Look on eBay for neodymium magnets ? I've got a big square one that you can hardly budge off the fridge. But 8 of those would be far pricier than a tri belt.
  • Where the feck has that ignore button gone .........
  • Why do you want to ignore me?? or have I missed something....?
  • Staple wait.........a nail gun!!!!
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    What are you using FFS, nappy pins?

  • Peter, not you ... you are ok

    Some people should not be allowed out on thier own, and to think I was in spitting distance of this one this morning and missed a chance ......... didnt have the nail gun handy   image
  • (I was joking M...eldy)
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    And those pesky organisers have added a good fifteen minutes onto your time too, the incompetent fools.

    How could they be so stupid?

  • Lol !!!  What fools they are    image
  • I ran a half and got a PR today cos I put my pins in an X shape in the corners with only one pass through the number each so that the number or the material wasn't under tension. Could just have mounted the no. on my personality, I suppose.
  • Magnets are an excellent idea - write to VLM and suggest it.
  • did it ruin your vest?


  • Ooh now I get this ! Bitchy !

  • newer, sharper, safety pins.
  • Haven't tried magnets but at Silverstone HM I noticed a few people using bag drop stickers instead of their official race numbers (it's not a very useful tip for races without those stickers though, sorry!) 

  • Pin them to your back D2D like you ALWAYS get at races.  That way the damage will be half as bad on the front ?

    (do they think that the other 99% of the field have got it wrong you think ?)

  • Wash the vest, the holes disappear as if by magic... Unless it was a plastic vest...

  • Well there you go, result.... Everybody is happy again. image
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