Brighton Marathon 2012

Morning all image

Sore today?

Tough day for me and I'd like to say never again, but you know I will be signing up as soon as I've pressed post on this message image

What the chances of this thread surviving as long as the last one? lol




  • Ran my first brighton yesterday- yes it was harsh but by the time I got to the finish line I vowed not to give VLM my money again as it was such a BRILLIANT DAY!!

    I'm in already- even before my sunburnt arms have cooled!!

  • Hey VikW that's nice to hear! Was it really better than London? I'd love to run London. Must be special. I'm gonna try and do both next year. Why not, in for a penny....
  • I'm in - pre-registered at the expo.image  Can we have it a bit cooler next year please?
  • I've just registered. Be gentle with me, this will be my first marathon, a few days after I hit the big 4-0. Optomistically stated a finish time of less than 6 hours.

    *wibble* no turning back now...

  • I spoke to a guy at work this morning who ran this yesterday so I'm v tempted...........
  • Good for you Helen!!! image

    Great decision. You'll love it!! 

    And don't worry you'll be fine. The months of training through the winter will be horrible. And on the day it will hurt like hell. By mile 20 you'll probably wish you'd never been born. But by mile 26 it will all have been worth it image

    image only kidding. It's a wonderful thing to do. Enjoy it!

  • I'm in again, pre registered on Saturday - just a couple of small events to complete before then - The Dublin Marathon and The Three Peaks Challenge, this is the first year I will have done 2 full marathons in a year, and at mile 22 yesterday wondered what the hell I had done? But this morning I cannot wait!
  • Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad and more Mad

    Yesterday was a once only event for me - great day, better than hoped for time, masses of support, brilliantly organised by a great team of people but I reached new 'lows' in those last 9 miles.

    I will do my best to keep this forum post going though as it was a great source of information.

    Good luck one and all - I'll be cheering you on at the 17 mile marker which is where I live!

  • Having had to defer this year due to injury I'll be in for 2012,  looking forward to it already

  • I paid the £5 for the code to guarantee an entry place for next year at the Expo and persuaded OH to as well.  I was in two minds about it, as my training showed me on course to get below 3.50 and thus qualify for London, but I'm glad I did, as my time was way slower than that.  Next year, echinacea and First Defence starts two weeks before the marathon and I shan't go out in public any more than can be avoided!
  • Dontrun Cantrun wrote (see)
    I reached new 'lows' in those last 9 miles.

    image Haha that made me literally laugh out loud.

    I know EXACTLY what you mean. Well put!

    Save me a jelly baby next year then

  • What a fantastic day yesterday, there was some wonderfull support.I'm a little sore after yesterday and a little sunburnt, but I've already pre-registered for next year.

    Bring it on!! 

  • Great day yesterday but I hope if Powerade get the drinks again in 2012 they come up with smaller bottles!! So much wastage!!
  • What the hell is wrong with me?

     As Dontrun so aptly put it, I reached "new lows" yesterday (in my case miles 20-23). But today I am currently contemplating going for a little warm down jog, and I have signed up for more punishment next year.


  • BR- i much preferred it to London as i didn't feel so claustrophobic and felt generally it was bit friendlier!

    Im glad i've done london and i might well want to do it again in the future but I enjoyed brighton so much and its a guarnteed enrty unlike the ballot!!

    Yesterday was butual in some places but it taught me just how dig i can deep!

    I think we are all mad though signing up 24hrs after yesterdays gun went off image

  • BR - I couldn't even manage a little warm down jog if I tried. Like you though I have signed up for more 'sheer hell' next year and paid £50 for the privilege!

    Going to have a month off from all running now to clear up the injury that has been nagging me for about 4 weeks and caused me sheer misery between miles 20 and 24 yesterday. (The crowd got me through the last 2.2)
  • I'm in!

    Always said 2011 would be a one off, but knew deep down I'd be back for more punishment. DRCR, give it a few day image

    Feel good today, really healthy, but legs a little achy. Planning a short bike ride later to stretch my legs out.

  • Am running London next week but have already signed up for this. Yep I am mad.ran it last year and by the sounds of it yesterday was just as good. Will try to keep up with the forum this time.
  • Wow it was hot yesterday! Managed to finish my first marathon in 3:59:24, I got to the 800 metres to go sign and the guy on the microphone announced that the clock had hit the 4hour mark and I felt like giving up! My legs were in so much pain and I really really wanted to get just under 4 hours! but then, I looked down at my watch and realised my stopwatch said I still had a few minutes (according to my chip time) so I thought I might be able to make it and just kept going and going and going (felt like it took an hour!) but managed 3:59, so pleased as it was my first, but did hurt from mile 16 onwards and had a stitch from mile 12 to 20 then a lovely personal trainer gave me advice to get rid of my stitch and it worked straight away! (thank you nice man!)

    the cheering was amazing and anytime I felt like walking people would say 'come on you can do it' and somehow it made me keep going.

    Had the best day yesterday and a well deserved cider (or three) on the beach afterwards and a nice greasy dinner!

    Just signed up for next year! already excited image

  • I've pre-registered but haven't pressed the 'doing it again' button yet.

    I think it will take me a few days before I can make my mind up on this.

    No running for me until at least the weekend.

  • The marathon photos are up ready to view, just had a look and I'm even smiling in a few!! 


  • Well I posted should I or should I not ,yesterday I did it and thought it should be my one and only marathon ,but sitting at home after my boss sent me home(felt sorry for me as I can harldy move0

    and what have I gone and done but signed up for next year and yes I'm in ,why well the support was fantastic and I have to beat my time so here we go again I just have to break the news to my husband

  • I'm holding off for a couple of days....considerations=  Weather in mid April scorching hot for 3 years in a row? Logistics of getting into the TravelLodge carpark AND getting a room with a BATH? That flipping CHIMNEY - really not sure I can spend another year with that distant image in my head!!
  • I was a definite no in the month leading up to this, and in the run itself, and yet today a little voice is trying to convince me to sign up...... Will give a few days.

  • Way hey!!! Here we go again! And 2012 is the year I get to run!image.  Cue tsunami 9am 15/04/2012!image
  • Tsunami at 9 am would be great, at least we'll be cool if we aren't washed away. I'm in, I have to prove I can run this thing. Might have to train in spain or something though!
  • I am in! Had to defer this year due to reoccurring knee injury ... bring on 2012! image

    Kevin Payne 3 wrote (see)
    Tsunami at 9 am would be great, at least we'll be cool if we aren't washed away. I'm in, I have to prove I can run this thing. Might have to train in spain or something though!

    Kevin, I am seriously thinking of signing up for Lisbon Half or one of the training week/ends in Portugal  during early part of 2012 to get some heat training in near marathon day. Purely for running purposes of course, nothing at all to do with thoughts of post-race rosé or custard tarts image

  • Green fairy- was going to come say hi  (had been lurking on last years thread)yesterday but there was very poorly runner by you at the time and didn't want to get inthe way!

    tsunami would be fab at 9am nexy  year image

  • sorry guys - lay off the tsunami quotes please and have some respect for all the Japanese people who have died or suffered recently and after another potential event this morning.

    I know you mean well and are being lighthearted but for the next period, back off on them please.

  • Definitely in for next year - amazing day, wouldnt have missed it for the whole world and now know what to expect from a marathon, yes I am hooked!

    Going to spend a few months working on speed with a couple of 10Ks and a cross country in the autumn before tackling the long distances again before the year ends. Need to do more work on core body strenthg I think, back hurt badly from about mile 18. Can only do better in 2012

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