New socks and trainers...

New purchases for me...

New Balance 1080's and some running socks.

Got a proper gait analysis and tried out multiple pairs of trainers at Up and Running in Milton Keynes before plumping for the NB's. Best shoes, and they look great too.

The new running socks are great too.

Only question is why didn't anyone tell me to do it sooner!!? It's like a whole new running experience!!

Would highly recommend getting proper kit to anyone. Bye bye Adidas JJB specials (4 half marathons done), and generic sport socks. You are now for gardening only!! 


  • Of course by "best shoes" i meant for me, based on the feel of them and the video evidence.

    Other sports shops and running shoes are available... 

  • I like NB shoes - and they have outlet shops up in the lakes !

    I dont really do the technical socks - any thin sock seems to work for me - but definitely shy away from the 4 pairs for a quid thick white socks.

  • I thought it was New Boots and Panties, but what do I know?
  • I never used to wear sports socks, then I upped my mileage and got a black toenail! I now wear sports socks and have had no more black toenails.
  • I just tried out a compression sock by CEP and it does exactly what it advertises. My recovery has improved dramatically within a few days and they are very comfortable to run in without alot of slippage and what not. I usually go without socks or sometimes I use the cool max footies which I love. Its more about trial and error finding the correct match of shoe vs. sock ect. I wear NB to run and asics to walk around in daily. I'm trying out the NB minimal road shoe next week and looking forward to it.
  • Did 21 miles yesterday in the new combo and feet are absolutely fine.

    Previously i've had epic blisters after 10-13 mile runs... 

    However, my shorts did split yesterday (bulging muscles). Nike shorts suck... Need to buy some new ones before next run!!

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