Running gear for big blokes

Having started back into running after a two year break I'm trying to get some gear that fits!

I'm 6'2", big frame and weigh 17st with a bit of a belly. Tracksters are ok but where can I find running vests? XXL is too short and it seems to be impossible to find XXXL. Tried Foska vests but again they come up too short. Can anyone help?


  • As an interim solution, maybe buy some generic sports tops - rugby kit or something - so you can train? Training should then help you lose a bit of weight then the specialist running kit may then fit image

    Edited - Lite Sports do XXXL technical T-shirts.

  • When I started back my training I was about the size you are describing Bill and like Pethead says its best to wear some generic gear.  I felt I was more comfortable anyway.

     I used to were my Lions rugby top or my gear I would were for football training when out running for the first few months until I lost a bit of my weight.

     Still on occaisions, as I am very vain and self concious, I wear my Lions top as I'm still no where near the weight I want to be.

    A bit of a ramble but I hope it helps hearing from someone in a similar position.

  • I am a similar build and weight to you and a tad taller

    I tend to wear gear from the outdoor shops though I don't wear vests. It tends to be sized more normally than the slim fitting running manufacturer's gear.

    Having said that, Nike gear goes up to XXL and tends to be looser fitting

    Otherwise i wear Berghaus Tech Ts and The North Face Agility shorts.

    A cheaper alternative is Time to Run gear who are generously sized and go up to XXL on some style

  • As others say Nike Dri-Fit XXL should be fine, just got myself some short sleeve tops from Nike Store Uk.

    I found most other shops only go up to XL, their own site has most stuff in XXL.

    Already got some XXL Nike stuff, adidas is a bit slim fit for me.
  • Mizuno stuff tends to go up to larger sizes as well - I have a couple of their XXL vests and the length is also generous but I'm 5'10" so they maybe a tad short on anyone over 6'2"
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