confirming deferral of place to 2012

I deferred my place this year to next year.

Having had a conversation recently with someone I became conscious that I never had a confirmation of my deferred place, so went on the website and it takes you to this link:

that effectively tells you it must be done before 17th April... fair enough, and I think I have done it but just wanted to confirm with someone it's got processed ok.

0207 902 0200 only gives you recorded announcements across 5 options and there seems to be no option to actually speak to some kind of operator??

Does anyone know of another telephone number?

Ta muchly.


  • IIRC from when i defered i could not get through to anyone the week before the marathon on any of the numbers i was given....called on the wednesday after, it was answered in two rings and they confirmed i was shown for the next year.
  • Just a bit worried cos on the website it says if you don't do it before the 17th your place is gone... image

    It lets you do it on the website but you need your race number.  Will have to have a good rummage through some paper work and see if I can find it.  Plus I thought it was already done when I returned the peperwork originally.  *sigh*

    • You must go to: and complete the online withdrawal form. This must be done no later than April 17th 2011. You will then receive an email confirming your withdrawal.
    • Providing you adhere to the dates below and pay the appropriate entry fee, you will be accepted for the 2012 race unless you have already carried your entry over from the 2010 race or if the entry was received from a charity or sponsor.
    • You should receive an email link for the 2012 race by 27th May 2011 –If you have not heard from us by the 27th May 2011, please telephone our helpline on 0207 902 0200 by 27th May 2011 at the latest, failure to do so will result in loss of entry.
    • You must complete your online 'Ill or injured' entry no later than 5pm on the 24th of June 2011.
    • It is the runners responsibility to ensure they have completed their online 'Ill or injured' entry form by the above closing date. The deadline date will not be extended under any circumstances.

    hmmm... so... what is the deadline then???  Is it race day or isn't it???

    *scratches head* 
  • Hi Nam,

    I withdrew online too. This is hardly an advert for clarity in written communication but what it's basically saying is:

    1. You must withdraw for this year's race by April 17th.

    2. An email link on or about 27th May will let you enter for next year.

    3. You need to follow and complete your entry for next year by 24th June. 

    Hope that all makes sense! image 

  • Thanks Screamapillar.

    I 'think' I have done my deferral when I originally returned the paperwork when you get your place, but just never had a confirmation.  But if they don't deal with this until May/June I may not need worry and it's all hunky dory.

    I will dig out whatever number it was they had allocated me... hopefully I can find it... and try to do it online before the weekend.

    What do I do though if I can't find my race number and there is no human there to speak to...

    I guess there is no email that goes to an actual person?  No?  Thought not...


  • I know, its a headache!

    I have to say I have my fingers crossed about everything going through! I made sure I kept the cover sheet from the magazine in case I have to copy it and send it off as proof as some stage.

    The problem with contacting VLM this week is that the world and his wife are phoning up asking silly questions, 90% of which they could find the answer to if they just read the bl**dy magazine. Tsk image

    Good luck getting it sorted though - and see you in 2012 image

  • Yes I'm not feeling hard done by I realise they must be furiously busy this week.  image

    Yes see you in 2012. image

  • Well excellent.....  image

    Just dug out the paperwork...

    Went to withdrawal web link... tapped in correct info... but getting an error message saying the information does not match what they have on file... 

    I've double and triple checked... I can spell my own name, know my date of birth and am capable of copying a 5-digit race number...


  • Maybe it's because you have already deferred as you thought you had- the info doesn't match because they don't have you as an entry anymore? Logical in a database kind of way
  • ... do you think you are getting that error mesage because you have already deferred?
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I would photocopy everything and send it registered post just to be sure. Then when this year's dust has settled you can get hold of a human and if there has been a problem with the online withdrawal then you have everything a reasonable person would want to see.

    The bit saying "you will then receive an email " is unclear, it does sound a little like an automatic confirmation, and you haven't had one I assume?

  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have just spoken to a human being!!!!  image

    As usual there were the 5 robotic options... press 1 for this... press 2 for that...  nowhere an option to speak to an operator...

    I pressed ....."9".....

    STRAIGHT THROUGH TO THE OFFICE!!!!  imageimageimageimage

    My place is confirmed as deferred.  image

    Thinking outside the box an all that!!  image

  • Screamapillar wrote (see)

    1. You must withdraw for this year's race by April 17th.

    2. An email link on or about 27th May will let you enter for next year.

    3. You need to follow and complete your entry for next year by 24th June. 

    Anyone had this email yet??  image

  • yes it came through a few weeks ago...i think it was the 27th...........might have got into the spam files.......
  • Husband had the email sent to him on the 26th May. He hasn't completed it yet though.
  • just checked..yes it was 26th May
  • Oops.
  • Just checked spam filter and nothing there, but it resets itself after so many days so assume it got deleted... better get onto the phone then.  image
  • Cor Blimey... !!  wow.... !! 

    Someone immediately picked up the phone, very friendly and efficient girl who re-sent email as we spoke...


  • Well done Nam, hope the rest of your Marathon experience goes more smoothly. Got mine through on 26th but only finalised it on Sunday, but hey we are there, just need my sons to be lucky in the ballot and things will be great, good luck to all
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