Heavy Cold ahead of London Marathon

I have a cold. A regular cold.... runny nose, sneezing, slightly sore throatt, coughing (okay, you know what a cold is, clearly). It's Tuesday today, as you probably also know. I reckon the cold will have cleared up by Sunday. BUT - how will it affect my marathon run?

All the training's in the bank, I'd just planned a couple of very short, easy runs this week.... which I presume it's best for me not to do. Taking Parecetomol, lots of fluids, fresh fruit, etc.

 Any advice? Trained very hard for the marathon, would be gutted if something like this affects my performance but that, as they say, whoever "they" are (apart from Esther Rantzen), is life....


  • Rest rest rest.
    I'm the same. Nasty virus since last Wed. Slowly clearing up.
    Lots of fruit & veg.
    Steady running or none at all.
  • I'm not sure if I can tell you anything you don't know, but I'm in the same boat. Mine seemed to have peaked Sunday night, so I think I might be OK by Sunday. I'm going to do an easy run tomorrow and Saturday, because I'd just feel weird not running for so long before the big day.

    Sometimes I feel even better than normal after a cold has abated, and for sure whatever minor leg pains I've had have cleared up with the time off. Training is in the bank, and theoretically you should have not lost any fitness in the past week. I guess we'll just have to pay extra attention on the day to make sure planned MP feels easy, and if not back off before it's too late. Good luck.!
  • Thanks for advice, and good luck to you both.... I'm at the coughing lots and sneezing less stage so hopefully it's passing... but time's running out!
  • Same here. Sore throat Sunday morning and felt like crap all week. Hope tomorrow I will be feeling better. Like you say I also often feel stronger after a bad cold so maybe it's going to improve my time. One thing is for sure, I'm more determined to do well and not let this effect my run. I know my pace and plan and will stick to it!!!!
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